Top 15 Places To Visit In Tirumala

Places To Visit In Tirumala
Best places To Visit In Tirumala

Places To Visit In Tirumala

Lord Venkateswara Swamy of Tirumala is well-known as a “Lord of wonderful miracles.” This is one of the many amazing names of His. Besides this, He is also known as “Lord of vows”, “Lord of Ceremonies”, “Fulfiller of the Vows in distress”, “Venerable at every step”, “Benefactor of boons” and “Instant Responder to the devotee’s calls”. He stands in the middle of the golden palace, Ananda Nilayam in the Venkatachala shrine known as the paradise on the earth, eagerly waiting for His devotees. Besides, He seems to be beckoning His anxious devotees to reach Him fast as His right hand points to His feet expressing His readiness to grant them heaps of boons with His ever cheerful face.

Lord Venkateswara stands as a testimony to the title, “Kalou Venkata Nayakah,” that He is the only God in the Kaliyug who can come to the rescue of all and fulfill all their desires. Thus, He is known as the “Madhava in the service of humanity”. In tune with the implied purpose of the incarnation of the Lord of Tirumala, TTD management has geared itself right from top to bottom to serve the devotees like its guests. The services extend to the Lord’s darshan, accommodation in the Rest Houses, Kalyanakatta (Tonsure Centre), the Holy Tank and Free Food Service. Yet, there is considerable delay in having the Lord’s darshan due to the heavy rush defying the expectations of the management. To reduce the medium of waiting in the long queues to some extent, darshan slots are, however, allotted to the devotees. The devotees can well-utilize the leisure of five to ten hours thus obtained during the peak hours of rush by visiting the holy places of interest on Tirumala, the details of which are given here to get an idea about their history.

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Places To Visit In Tirumala

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