Thumburu Theertham – Tirumala

thumburu theertham

Thumburu Theertham

Thumburu Theertham is one of the most popular and most visited place which is located in deep woods and a steep valley in Sesha Chala, Tirumala. The story behind the formation of the Theertham states that a Gandharva cursed sage Agastya’s lazy wife to become a toad that had to survive in this pond till the sage arrived. When sage Agastya came here with his disciples, the toad took the Gandharva form and hence the pond was known as Tumburu Theertham.

  • Theertham is opened only one day in a year. Remaining of the year, it is closed and not allowed to devotees.
  • Every year, the route to the Theertham is open to the public during the Phalguna Poornima in the month of March. The pilgrims can also visit the other five sacred Theerthams on the way to this place.
  • It is believed that Bathing in this water to wash away the evils and confer good fortune.
  • People suffering from chronic, asthma, obesity and heart-related diseases were not allowed to trek.

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Thumburu Theertham Timings

6 AM to 6 PM

thumburu theertham

How to Reach Thumburu Theertham

  • Thumburu Theertham is located 16 kms from the main temple, 7 Kms from Papavinasanam.
  • From Tirumala Bus stand Free Buses will be available to Papavinasanam. From there we need to trek.
  • Carry water bottle.
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