Tirumala VIP Break Darshan 

In Tirumala VIP Break Darshan is available. It helps to have Darshan without any pushing / pulling by Swamy vari Sevaks. Tirupati VIP Darshan will be provided to Protocol VIP’s. Scroll down to know more details on the cost of vip darshan and how to avail it.

VIP Darshan Timings

Break Darshan Timings is 5.30 AM

Benefits of VIP Darshan

  • One hour is allotted for this category of Darshan.
  • Pilgrim can complete his Darshan in 10 – 15 Mins.
  • Devotee can go very near to the Moola Virat of  Lord Venkateswara Swamy and stay there for sometime. 
  • Pilgrims will be allowed till Kulasekhara Padi.
  • Line will be free and there won’t be any pulling or pushing.

How to Book VIP Darshan Ticket?

  • Break Darshan Tickets are only given to Protocol VIP’s.
  • There is no online booking.
  • VIP’s or their attendants has to approach TTD JEO Office to book the VIP Darshan Tickets.

Categorization of VIP Break Darshan into L1 , L2 and L3 has been cancelled from 17/07/2019.

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For any queries on VIP Darshan in Tirupati . Please leave your comment below .


  1. Sir
    I am from malaysia ,l planning to go trimala end of the year
    How to get the VIP entries and the cost
    Kindly advise me
    Thank you

  2. Hello
    Sir I’m working as a deputy chief cabin crew with our National carrier Air India (govt entity)Will I be eligible for L3 darshan ?planning to visit Tirupati on 13th November 2019 .Thanks

  3. Hello, are Gazetted officers working in the central government organizations are eligible for VIP break Darshan? If so, whether a letter from the local MPs is required or a self attested Letter from Working Office is sufficient?

    • Recently changes has been done to VIP Darshan System. Please contact 08772233333 for eligibility confirmation as per latest procedure.

    • Hi Sir,
      VIP Break Darshan Policy has been changed recently. Please get in touch with 08772233333 to know the eligibility status.

  4. Sir, i have taken local MLA recommendation letter for kalyanotsvam, please tell me my doubts
    1) my and my wife, 2 childrens age 14 and 12 and my mother total 5 members please tell me you are allowed 5 members or 4 members.

  5. Sir,

    If I get a ministers letter from Tamil nadu – could I get L2 Dharshan. Also what is the fee we need to pay at JEO office for L2 and L3. Also do we have queue for L2 and L3 and where does it starts from.

    Sathish Kumar

  6. what is the procedure for getting the L2 Ticket for me, as i am grade 1 officer , do i need to submit any letter , can you please explain me the procedure , where and how to get.

  7. Sir,
    I am a Grade 1 Officer Scientist-‘SF’ in Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) , am i eligible for L2/L3 dharsanam.

    • Please submit the letter one day before at JEO office , Tirumala before 12 PM. If approved, you can collect the ticket at 5 PM from MBC 34. You can go to darshan the next day morning with that ticket.

  8. sir, i have recommendation letter from puducherry CM for 10 members including 2 childrens.we will be there at 5pm on 7th sep. we want accomodation for 7 & 8 & dharsan ticket for 8th. pls advice how to get room & dharsan ticket .giude me with suitable solutions.

  9. hello, how many members can avail darshan per recommendation letter? whether VIP break darsahn is available on 18-19 sept 2018?

    • Max of 5 members will be allowed. During bramhotsavams break darshan will be cancelled. Please contact 08772233333 for confirmation

  10. Is the break dharshan Available on 27th & 28Th August 2018?
    If Yes what will be the Break Dharshan time?
    Please confirm me.

  11. i got 300rs break darshan ticket letter pad from ttd member. where should i give the letter.and how will be 300 break darshan

    • Submit it in JEO office , Tlrumala. Procedure is given in this page only. If you have any doubts call us on 9700553275

  12. Dear Sir, I have secured letter for Darshan from Local District Judge (Rajasthan). Can I get L2/L3 Darshan on 17 August. Thanks

  13. Sir, I am working as Assistant in Kerala Police Department. Can i eligible for L3 break darshan on 17.09.2018? Please clarify me.

  14. Hello I am planning to visit in second week of july. Can I get letter of recommendation from Superintendent of Police and MLA letter under L1/L2 category. What is the format of recommendation letter and what all I need to do.

  15. we two of us are senier citizens..My son
    is an Australien citizen..Can he accompany us in the senier citizen quota?One helper is allowed for one senior…

  16. hello sir, as it is under stood that the darshan would allowed for 5 per one recommendation letter we are five adults and 2 kids , so vip darshancan be given for 7 of us

  17. Sir, I am working as a Scientific Officer (F), in Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Department of Atomic Energy, Govt. of India, Mumbai. Is my family along with me eligible for VIP break darshan of Lord Balaji @ Tirumala. Please indicate whether I am eligible for L1 or L2 or L3 ?

  18. hai sir,

    i’m having letter of Deputy speaker of Lok Sabha for dharshan & accomadation for 5 members. My doubt is that i got letter now itself for the month of March 2018 may I fax it to JEO, TTD now and get break darshan confirmed.

  19. Hello Sir,

    an additional clarification, my friend is a 10lakhs+ institutional donor, he wants to send me and family for L2 break darshan, is it mandatory that my friend (donor) also be present with us, or will they provide entry without the donor present .? kindly help us with this information.

  20. Hello Sir,

    For L2 break darshan for donors, the maximum entry is for 5 people per donor, however we have a child who is 7 years of age, can he be allowed without ticket , as we already have 5 adults going.


  21. Hi Sir,

    Can you please provide me the sample of MP recommendation letter for L3 for VIP break Darshan…

    Best regards

    • Hi Sir,
      Sorry sir, we don’t have any format sample.It would be sufficient if The letter should contain your name and no. of pilgrims coming along with you. Requesting to provide Darshan / Accomodation or both. Addressed to JEO, TTD.
      It should be on the official letter head of the MP / MLA with seal and signature.

  22. Dear Sir,

    Just one information required. Is any MP/MLA latter (from other state like UP / West Bengal) is eligible for same L2/L3 or only TN MP/MLA latter.


  23. Dear Sir,
    I got the letter for MP for accommodation and VIP break Darshan, 2 Adults ,1 child and 1 infant.
    Kindly let me know is there cost for accommodation , and for child and infant should i pay 500 for darshan kindly help.

  24. I have AP STATE Cabinet Minister Letter for L2 Darshnam for 6 persons on 10/01/2018. Along with Darshan the TTD will provide acommodation or not?.

  25. I Have AP STATE Cabinet Minister Letter for L2 Darshnam for 6 persons on 10/01/2018. Along with Darshan the TTD will provide acommodation or not?.

  26. Hi, I have state minister recommendation letter and I am reaching Tirupati on 31/12/17 and need Darshan on 1/1/18 in L2 DARSHAN, can you please guide me procedure. We are 7 adults and 3 children with 2 recommendations. Pls advice

    • To my knowledge , on January 1st VIP break darshan with recommendation letters will not be entertained. You can try for some other day.

  27. Thank you ! I am reaching Tirupati on 26th December early morning and want to Darshan on same day. I will carry my official ID card, if anything else need to carry then plz let me know.

  28. Hi sir my spouse is working in ministry of defence(govt of india) in the paylevel of 11 as scientist d. are we eligible for l1 or l2 or l3 darshan

    • V.I.P. means very irritated persons and V.V.I.P. means very very irritated persons. These persons only can see the stone in form of Venkatachalapathi and I think there is no god or power in the stone if there is power in the stone (statue) then God will not show any partiality. Please think well that what is the qualification to become either M.L.A. or M.P.? He/She should have killed some persons, he/she should have looted money from the public then he/she is eligible for M.LA. of M.P. and if there is god in Tirupathi then the god will not allow these kinds of illegal persons to have dharshan.

  29. Dear sir i have Recommendation letter from MLC can you tell me in what kind of break dharsanam is avail for that Recommendation letter ? and i can reach tirumala around 2pm on previous day before dharsanam date can we get approval from JE Office ? can i fax Recommendation letter before 12 pm on previous day to date which i have plan to break darsanam? kindly suggest me…..

  30. Thanks for your update but I need without 3hrs waiting in long queue to walk . You Suggested for aged persons temple will allow only aged person and along with accompanied what about my children and Dharshan will be not with family…if I come to temple directly is their any chances to book quick Dharshan tickets to pay nd take Dharshan

  31. Hi I need really help regarding VIP Dharshan.I’m from Dubai me and my husband and my two kids also my parents both side need to take Lord Balaji Dharshan without standing in queue due to old age of my parents and also time consuming.How to book and whose request requires and I’m native is Tamilnadu-Vellore

    • Hi, VIP break darshanam tickets will be provided only for protocol persons or persons with recommendation letter. You can pre book your Rs.300 darshanam and have darshanam with in 3 hrs. For aged people there is a separate entry where they can have darshanam with in half an hr.

  32. Dear Sir,
    Can I get the L2 Darshan for 4 members on 18th July 2017 whom should I attest the letter
    Is Humanrights Letter Accepted

  33. I had a query about the Infant darshan..I am not yet got the birth certificate of my baby with name, but i got one from mee seva without name of my baby, but it’s contains the date of birth and address details and parent details.. so can i use that one as a proof to achieve infant darshan..

  34. Hello team, May i know how many maximum number of persons allowed per each L3 recommendation letter..i got a L3 letter for 10 people..

  35. Is L3 recommendation is available on saturday and sunday..? I heard that from one of the customer support executive says that L3 letters are now cancelled on weekends..

  36. Hello team..I have a recommendation letter from our MLA and it is Dated 15-July, which is on saturday..is L3 darshanam available on this date..?

  37. Sir i have the recommendation letter from telangana state ex minister now he is mla he gave letter to allow our family through supadham on 1st july is it necessary to apply in jeo office before 1day
    When n where i need to get collect tickets to go in supadham

  38. sir , I have the recommendation letter from the cabinet minister and it is dated 1st of July 2017. But some people were saying break darshanam was cancelled is it truth. And we are seeking accommodation for 30 June 2017

  39. Sir, In front of God Sri Balaji, every body is equal. Then why are you showing partiality between the people like V.I.P., special, Free Dharshan, etc. God does not like all these things. In front of God, what is meant by V.I.P.? They are not coming from the heaven straight away to the world. It is absolutely injustice in your part. No god will ask for these kinds of categories. If any god asks like this then there is no god in this world.

  40. i have a mp letter ,can i view darsan for view L3
    how can i book
    u r option s on how to book in L2 olny
    not for L3

  41. Hi.. If we have some recommendation can we fax that letter to JEO office and apply for break darshan tickets from our residence

  42. Hii.I am Inspector of Motor Vehicles,a class 1 gazetted officer..which category do i fall to avail the protocol..

  43. Sir can I get recomentation letter from district judge for VIP break Darshanan whose is my sister please reply

  44. Dear Sir, I request you to kindly clear my following doubts:
    1.Please provide the Format of Recommendation Letter.?
    2.The Recommendation Letter should be Addressed to Which officer in Tirumala.?
    3.If i need the VIP Break Darshan on Friday Morning when exactly should i submit the letter to JEO Camp Office?
    4.before what time should i submit the letter?
    5.Should i Mention the Pilgrim Name and Age in the Recommendation Letter?

    Please do the needful and oblige.

  45. hi, i am looking for VIP BREAK DARSHAN tickets for august 2017
    can you help me with the process for the same?

  46. Sir, What is the last time i can submit my letter a day before darshan? I will be reaching Tirumala around 4PM, is it fine if it is submitted around that ?

  47. Hii Iam Joint Director Of Agriculture.. in which category do I fall to avail protocol.. please let me know
    Kind regards

    • Visit JEO office in tirumala on 28th before 12 pm and submit your letter. They will take your photo I’d proof xerox and finger prints. After your letter got approved you will get a message to ur mobile no.

  48. Sir, What is the procedure to avail current booking in LUCKY DIP procedure for SEVA tickets.. I booked 2 seva tickets for Aug 2017. I need one more for my Mother In Law. Kindly let me know the procedure. Thank you.

  49. Dear Sir, Myself Madhusudan from Bangalore can we get Karnataka state Minister recommendation letter to avail L1 or L2 Darshan. Please suggest


  51. I have a L3 darshan recommendation from my local MLA for 27th April I plan to arrive for the 7 pm darshan, What would be the procedure?

  52. Sir; i got Central Cabinet Minister recommendation letter for VIP break darshan and accomidation….how to proceed for that

  53. Sir
    I Have been trying to book ticket for thomala seva for many years but could not get. can you help to get one ticket any day any time in near future.


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