Holy Tank of the Lord-Tirumala Pushkarini

Tirumala pushkarini

Tirumala Pushkarini

There is a large Holy Tank called “Swamy Pushkarini” / “Tirumala Pushkarini” opposite to the Varahaswamy Temple to the north of the Lord Srinivasa’s temple. This stands at the helm of all the holy waters of the three worlds besides Tirumala. It has sources of holy waters in eight directions around. It is said that the sins of different births are cleansed by a mere visit to the Pushkarini, a holy dip in it, or a touch of these waters. You are rid of all the troubles.

According to the tradition of this shrine, Lord Srinivasa’s darshan should always precede a holy dip in the Swamy Pushkarini and visit to Adi Varaha temple.

Few festivals take place in Swamy vari pushkarini those are

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