Silathoranam (Rock Garden) -Tirumala


Silathoranam (The Great Geological Arch)

It is one among the places visited by most of the pilgrims who came to Tirumala.

In the 1980s, during excavations in the Tirumala hills, geologists found this rare geological formation of the rock arch which has two dissimilar sets of rocks with a connecting thin link.  It is believed to formed 2500 Million Years back. It is at a distance of one kilometer to the northwest of the main temple of Tirumala and Lord Venkateswara has incarnated Himself through this rock. It is also famously called as Rock Garden.

It is on the way to Srivari Padalu. You can cover both of them in the same route.

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How To Reach

  • T.T.D Free Bus
  • Cab

Silathoranam Map Location


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