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Covid Update: Due to Covid-19 pandemic, the offline counter located in srinivasam complex is temporarily closed. Please plan the book the tickets online in advance at –

You missed to book your darshan ticket online?? Or Online Quota is already sold out??  Don’t worry, TTD is providing Rs.300 Special Entry Darshan Tickets under Current Booking Quota as well. Those who are not able to get ticket under online quota can visit Srinivasam Complex  which is opposite to Tirupati Bus Stand and get the ticket for the same day. Below are the quota details under Current Booking Counters for each Day. Counter operates from 8 AM – 5 PM Every day or till below quota of tickets are sold out. Note that pilgrims will be waiting from 5 or 6 AM itself to get the tickets.

DayQuota For The Day

Please feel free to drop a comment below if you need any information. We will address your queries at the earliest.

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  1. Hello sir,can i get any darshan tickets for 19-10-2020 from Srinivasa complex. as they said that 500 tickets will be given at srinivasa complex

  2. Sir, October 30th 300 rupees special entry Dardanelle avaliable or not sir, if not available released any quota for this month

  3. Sir I want to special entry darshan ticket at October 5th or 6th is this available or not
    And tell me current bookings are available are not

  4. I want to know current booking in srinivasam complex are available right now also??
    Please tell me single person will allow to darshan for kalyanotsavam.

  5. Dear sir
    Actually we are supposed to go tirupathi on Saturday ie 26/09/2020 and have darshan on Sunday morning 8 AM but unexpectedly one of my relatives want to visit tirumala is it possible to get darshan tickets because already tickets were sold out in online. If any suggestions please help me
    Thank you.

  6. Is 300₹ darshan current booking tickets are only available in Srinivasan complex near bus stand ?

    Or We can take the tickets near vishnu nivasam near railway station?

  7. Dear Sir,
    we are about 4 planning to go to tirupati on April 4th i.e.., Saturday.
    actually we will reach tirupati by night 11 pm and we are planning to go to temple by means of walk and also in our 4 two people are offering their hair.

    may i get the clear cut plan ….as can we able to give hair offering before darshan or not .
    and is it possible to make a 300 rupees darshanam after walking.

  8. Dear Sir,
    we are about 4 planning to go to tirupati on April 4th i.e.., Saturday.
    actually we will reach tirupati by night 11 pm and we are planning to go to temple by means of walk and also in our 4 two people are offering their hair.

    may i get the clear cut plan ….as can we able to give hair offering before darshan or not .
    and is it possible to make a 300 rupees darshanam after walking.

    • During your walk, you can get divya darshan tokens, with that token ,you can finish darshan in 3 hrs. No need to take Rs.300 darshan ticket again.

      Upon climbing steps and reaching Tirumala , you can have tonsuring at Pilgrims amenities complex, opposite to Tirumala bus stand. You can use common washrooms there to fresh up.

      After fresh up , you can enter darshan queue line as per the time printed on your token.


  10. Hi, I have already booked Rs100 accommodation from 00:00 to 6:00 slot on 29th March 2020 (Sunday) in Tirumala through online. We 6 people (including parents aged above 65 years) are planned to come Tirumala on 28th March (Saturday) Night. I tried booking 300rs tkt online, but its already full on 29th March 2020. I am from Chennai. Is there any alternative ways to get the darshan ticket. Will I get Tkt if I go in person to TTD, Mambalam, Chennai? Please give me some good suggestions.

    • Current booking counter is available only In srinivasam complex , tirupati. You can get ticket only on arrival.

      Special Darshan is arranged for the physically disabled,surgery people and the senior citizens (above 65 years) for free darshan with traditional dress code.Tickets counter are available only at Senior citizen entry line, opposite to museum, near VQC-2,at 7 am for two time slots darshan i.e.10 am and 3 pm.Please carry with you original id proofs(Aadhar card) and medical certificate (65% of disability) at the time of verification.On Wednesdays and Fridays morning slot will not be available for darshan and please collect tickets at 7 am itself for the afternoon time slot darshan. Spouse will be allowed with the senior citizen.

      • Dear Sir,

        I am planning to visit tirumala on 26th is there any special entry for kids below 3 years and what will be approx time to complete the darshan.

  11. dear sir,
    i am coming 21 april 2020 in tirupati with 6 adults and 1child for tirumala darshan for 3 days stay from 21 april to 23 april 2020.i will stay at srinivasam pilgrims residency . please tell me how i can book 300 rs special ticket or it is possible to book at counter on 21 april after arrival at tirupati railway station .

    Anand walsangkar,
    Solapur (Maharashtra)

  12. Hello. I can see No availability for Kalyanotsavam seva till May 2020, when is the next schedule released? Also we are 3 people+1 child 6years. Knowing that child is exempted from ticket, what is the process for 3 persons?

  13. I take online tickets five members for next months. Some issues, we plan to change darshan in feb 17.. can we able to get current 300rs tickets

  14. Hi Sir,

    We, 20 members are planning to visit temple on Feb 15th, 2020. Is it possible to get tickets for all the members in the same timing? Can we ask the person in the counter to issue tickets with the same timing for the consequent people?

  15. Hi Sir,

    We, 20 members are planning to visit tirupati and have dharshan on Feb 15th , 2020. Is it possible to get all the tickets for the same timing, if we arrive there by 4.30 or 5 pm ? Do we can ask the person over there to allot the same timing for the consequent people ?

  16. Hi sir, please let me know if for slotted darshan on coming sunday (dec 22 2019) at what we should be there in the queue for getting the darshan ticket? How long will it take to have darshan on the same day right? Please explain on this to have clarity

    • Tickets will be issued for the same day. Advance booking is not possible at srinivasam complex current booking counter.

  17. can i stand in queue to get current booking ticket on behalf on my parents from current booking counter in srinivasam complex?? or they need to be present for their ticket?
    are the tickets according to the slot timings?? or are they valid for any slot throughout the day?

    • Everyone has to stand in queue line as they will collect finger prints and photo to issue tickets.
      You can choose timeslot based on availability displayed near the counter. Once ticket is issued that is valid for only that timeslot and 1 hr after it.

  18. Hello sir..m reaching tirupati today that is on 10/10/19 at 5 pm…can I get shigra darshan ticket for tomorrow..plz guide I will get darshan ticket.

  19. Hii sir iam reached at Tirupati 11sep 8:30pm also my family and two chaild. We get from tirumala by walk ithink. not alot from room already quota is full. How I get room? Pls general information and saral solutions me thank you sir.

  20. Hi I am from rajasthan kota , we are planning to go tirupati darshan on 2 OCT .We have already booked tickets but not getting online ticket . Can you please help me for tickets on 2 OCT? we have 2 senior citizen their age is aroung 85 and 82 .They cant stand at line long time. Please help me for the same.

    • Rs.300 current booking available at Srinivasam Complex , Tirupati. Counter opens at 8 AM but pilgrims will be waiting from 5 AM itself.
      Senior citizen special entry darshan would be cancelled on that day due to Bramhotsavams during those days.

    • Hi Sir,

      We wont be able to book any tickets. You can try in Current booking counter at srinivasam complex upon arrival.

  21. Hi Sir,

    Me and my family are arriving in Tirupati on 21 Sep 2019, special entry darshan quota is full, can we get 11 tickets at Srinivasan complex?

    Can 1 person stand for 11 tickets or 11 person have to stand in queue ?

    Train tickets are already booked so we do no have any other option.

    • Rs. 300 Darshan Ticket Current Booking Counter is available at Srinivasam Complex in Tirupati. Counter will open at 8 AM but pilgrims will be waiting from 4 or 5 AM itself. If you can stand in the line by 4 AM , you will be able to get the ticket. Only 1 ticket will be issued per person, hence all 11 members has to stand in queue line.
      Other option is – Time Slot sarva darshan Ticket Current Booking Counter is available at Srinivasam Complex , Bus Stand and Railway Station in Tirupati. Counter will open at 4 AM . Please carry Aadhaar Card.You can get the ticket if you can reach the counter by max 6 or 7 AM. Later it might get over. so please try to reach the counter as early as possible.

    • Counter will open at 8 AM but pilgrims will be waiting from 4 or 5 AM itself. If you can stand in the line by 4 AM , you will be able to get the ticket else it would be hard to get the ticket.

      • Hi sir, what are all the counters that provide the current booking for 300Rs Special darshan?
        Please could you clarify if all 500 tickets are sold at Srinivasam complex or that’s across all counters.
        And is it common there that people stand in queues for a couple of hours, but still can’t get tickets due to quota completion?

        • RS. 300 current booking counter is available at srinivasam complex. Pilgrims may not get tickets if quota is completed for that day

  22. Hi,

    I am an NRI and planning to Visit on Sep 13 th with my parents ages 58 and 55, I know I can get tickets for my self at Supadam counter but what about my parents, online Quota is already full, My parents have visitor visas, will they be eligible to get tickets at Supadam counter and Will I will be able to get accommodation at Supadham for same day ??

    • Hi Sir, your parents are not eligible for NRI darshan. They can’t come along with you even if they take RS.300 ticket in. Current booking quota. For accommodation, pls visit CRO office upon arrival.

  23. Sir, we had 2 kids son is 11 months baby is three years we couldn’t get online tickets is tickets available on sm day sir

  24. Namastheji,
    I didn’t get thomala seva tickets in dip for august month.I want thomala seva tickets for august 6.I want tickets for 5 what can i do?

  25. Hi sir,

    I am from Chennai i need whether I can get special darshan tickets 300 rs for 3 members and 1 child and also accommodation on 14/july/2019

  26. We have 9 member come to Tirupati on 11 August 19 morning 7 am.we have 6 online special Darshan ticket of Rs 300.but 3 person have no tickets, can i get current ticket of rs 300 on August 11

    • Yes. You can get the current booking tickets on arrival. Please wait in the queue line at 4 AM at Srinivasam complex , Tirupati.

  27. Hello Sir.. can u advice me the crowd there in tirupati ji and how much time it will take for darshan . i am coming on 30th june with my mother(61 years) and she is having a problem in her legs and she cant stand for long time. and i did not got the shigra darshan tickets online. please reply.

    • please try to take Rs.300 darshan ticket from current booking counter in Srinivasam complex at tirupati. Darshan will take around 2-3 hours.

  28. Hello Sir.. I am planning to come for a darshan to Tirupati ji with my mother(61 years) on 30th june i.e. Sunday. and i didn not got shigra darshan tickets online. Hkw can i take the tickets after reaching there. and can u please tell me how much crowd in these days and approx how much time it will take to do the darshan as my mother is having problem in her leg and she cant stand for long time.

  29. Crowd Status At Tirumala

    Sir, I am planning to Tirumala day after tomorrow, can you please crowd status there


  30. Om namovenkatesaya,
    Good morning sir my self k.phanikumarsharma from tirupati,
    I have one request sir any jobs in TTD please post sir , since last 7years i am trying to Ttd job sir this is my honorable request sir.
    Thanking you sir,
    K.phanikumar sharma

  31. Hello Sir, how and where can I get the Break Darshan tickets and what will be the ticket cost and could you please provide me the details about it…

  32. What is the possibility that i will get ticket at srinivasam complex if i go by 8.30 AM and stand in the que? As the no of tickets are reduced to 400/500 per day, and will there be a big que?

    • You won’t be able to get the Rs.300 ticket if you go by 8:30. You can try for time slotted sarva darshan ticket.

  33. Hi,
    Good morning!

    I’m trying to book special darshan ticket from ttdsevaonline site. It seems, booking portal is down. Could you please let me know if is there any other way to book special darshan ticket. I tried the same with ttdsevaonline Google app as well but no luck.

    I would appreciate if I get a quick reply.

    Best Regards,

  34. hi sir,
    i going of tirumala darshan on 22 march 2019. I could not book special darshan tickets online. Can u please help me with the darshan tickets. I will be travelling along with my wife and 2 kids (1 year old and 7 year old).

  35. Hello Sir,
    Planing to visit thirumal on 1-4-2019. We are total 7 people. 2 elder above 60 years and 2 kids below 10 years.
    Question is my parents are aged above 60 years, 300 spl darshanam ticket is required for them? for my kids below 10 years is required? any special darshanam is available for aged people?

    when 300 counter will open in thirumal ?


    • Pilgrims above 65 years have a free entrance, as your parents are 60 yrs, they need to buy RS.300 ticket. For kids below 12 years , ticket is not required. Counter is available at srinivasam complex, tirupati, it opens at 8AM but pilgrims will be waiting from 4 or 5 AM itself

  36. Hi Sir,
    Our family of 6 peoples coming tomorrow (01-03-2019) for lord dharsan. We tried to book tickets but could’nt make it. But my father is a patient and made an operation in his left leg on 7th jan, and mother also knee pain patient. Is there any option to get the tickets on arrival.

  37. We are planning to visit tirumala by Mar 3rd sunday but dont have 300rs ticket, will it be possible to get tickets and see darshan after we come to tirumala/tirupathy.Thanks in advance for the response.


  39. We the two husband and wife want to have a darshan for lord balaji at tirupati temple.We are reaching from kolkata at about 19 hrs.on 04.02.19.We want to get accomodation fro two nights at tirumala devasthanam on 04.02.19 and 05.02.19. and have a darshan on 05.02.19.please advice me accordingly.

    • Hi
      Online quota of accommodation is already sold out. Please visit CRO office in tirumala on arrival. Rooms will be allotted based on availability. It’s better to try in srinivasam or Vishnu nivasam in tirupati first, as you are reaching in the night, if you don’t get a room in tirumala, you will be in trouble. So better try in tirupati in devasathanam complexes like srinivasam and Vishnu nivasam. If not available , then you can atleast try in private hotels in tirupati

  40. Hi Sir,

    We are planning to come tirumala along with small baby 9 months but we haven’t got tickets through online could you please suggest any other way.

    We will be coming on feb 15th 2019.

    And please tell me at that time crowd will be more?


    • Hi Sir, there is a special entrance for infants below 1 year and their parents. No need to purchase any ticket. You can enter at ” Supadham” entrance beside tirumala Balaji temple , it’s free of cost. Timings will be 12 PM – 6 PM.

  41. Hi Sir,
    Thanks for providing the information. Please let me know the timings from which the current booking counters will be opened. I’ve heard that the counters will be opened at 12AM and starts issuing the tickets. And also I want to know the current booking counters available other than Srinivasam complex venue.
    Thanks in advance Sir.

  42. Hi sir.
    I just want to know that .. is this ticket valid for full day ? Or only perticular time?? I have brought 2 tickets in online I need 1more.. my darshan time is 3pm . I want to know that current booking ticket can be clubbed together with online ticket for darshan ??

  43. Hi.. we are planning for Darshan on 10/20/2018 (Saturday) we are looking for a cottage at Thirumala and Rs.300 ticket. We are three members. Online booking already sold out. How we can get both ? Please guide

    • Hi Sir,

      Rs. 300 Darshan Ticket current booking counter will be available at Srinivasam Complex in Tirupati. Counter opens at 8 AM but pilgrims will be waiting from 5 AM itself.
      Accommodation in Tirumala can be availed in Current Booking Counter at CRO office Tirumala.

  44. I have read in one of tirumala news that the current booking quota is reduced to 500 per day for all days and the counter would be available only in Srinivasam counter – Thirupati not in Thirumala. Could you please confirm whether it is correct and assist us whether there are any other mode to have darshan apart from current and online booking.

  45. one person can get how many current booking tickets, because we are four persons to visit, can everybody must be in the queue for their tickets.

  46. I want to have darshan on Sunday 29th July 2018. At what time i should be at the counter. should every member of the family be present?. will AADHAR is enough?

  47. Are there current booking counters for Rs.300 darshan at Tirumala (Uphill) ? What is the quota limit at Tirumala ? Or it is only recommended to buy tickets at Tirupati Srinivasam complex ? The online quota is already sold out for Saturday April 28, 2018 (our intended arrival). I know that it’ll be very crowded (Saturday, summer holidays), but I have no other choice but this day. What time do people usually queue up at Tirumala or Tirupati counters ? 5 AM ?

    • Hi Kiran…. You can get the current booking quota tickets even in Tirumala CRO office. At srinivasam counter will open at 6 but pilgrims will queue up from 4:30 or 5 Am…. For weekend quota is 1500 per day.


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