Sripuram – Golden Temple Vellore

Golden Temple Vellore
Naraini Golden Temple - Vellore

Golden Temple Vellore History:

The Sripuram Golden temple has been built on 100 acres of land in Vellore by the Narayani Peetham headed by Shakti Amma. It’s a beautifully constructed temple situated in the centre of exquisitely laid out gardens and a pathway in the shape of a star.

The temple build in true Deccan architecture style is a massive depiction of Indian craftsmanship. The temple welcomes you with the National Flag of India fluttering at the entrance, infusing an invariable sense of national pride. Enter the temple and you have to walk a Star shaped path to reach the main idol.

The path has quotes from Vedas written all through, punctuated by some great sculptures, beautiful gardens, fountains and scenic hills in the backdrop. The star shape long path to reach the idol is strategically constructed. By the time you reach the main idol, even if you have read half of the quotes in the way, you are unknowingly closer to almighty and the darshan becomes more fulfilling and enriching experience.


It is located at 113KM from Tirupati Bus Stand.

How To Reach:



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