How to Book Room in Tirumala – Online / Offline

How to Book Room in Tirumala

How to Book Room in Tirumala

Guidelines To Book Tirumala Accommodation in online as well as offline. Here is the tirumala room allotment new procedure.

How To Book Room In Tirumala Offline

Are you looking for information on how to get rooms in tirumala offline? This article might help you.

  • Tirumala Offline room allotment counter is located at CRO Office in Tirumala.
  • Counter Timings : 6 AM – 10 PM (Better to reach before 9 PM) . Sometimes due to heavy rush counters may get closed early as well after issuing the waitlist. As per current rush, you would be able to get rooms only when you reach counter early in the morning like 5 or 6 AM.
  • Room will be allotted only for 1 day, extension is possible but request pilgrims to vacate once you had darshan, so that other pilgrims will have a chance to stay in Tirumala at least for 1 day.
  • Aadhar ID proof should be shown at Counter. Your Face will be scanned at the counter.
  • After registering, you will be provided with a room allotment number. Basically you will be put into a waitlist.
  • Once someone vacates a room, that will be allotted to the person next in the waitlist. So allotment automatically happens when any room is available.
  • You will receive a SMS to your mobile (which was given while registering for the room) after the allotment happens.
  • After receiving SMS, You need to report at the respective cottage reception with in 30 minutes, to check in to the room. Else room will not be allotted.
  • Currently its taking 5-6 hours to get rooms in offline.
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To curb the illegal room bookings and ensure normal public gets more rooms, TTD had introduced Facial recognition for room allotment, so that a person can get only 1 room in Tirumala with in 30 days. This helped in avoiding agents to block rooms.

Are There Any Agents To Book Tirumala Rooms In Advance?

Pilgrims might be desperately looking for rooms in Tirumala, this has become a boon for agents who are operating illegally in Tirumala and charging very huge amounts from pilgrims. Also an agent can get only 1 room with in 30 days as facial recognition is implemented these days, so there is no guarantee that he can definitely get a room.

Hence we suggest to avoid approaching agents. You might get cheated or he may say that he was not able to get a room after you reach tirumala. So, dont believe them unless its an online booking in advance.

We suggest pilgrims to directly book rooms by themselves in online or try to get it in offline or try to book rooms in Tirupati.

Tirumala Room Allotment Counter Locations

Tirumala Offline Room Booking is available at CRO (Central Reservation Office) Now.

After starting facial recognition system for room allotment, other counters in tirumala has been closed and the rooms are issued at CRO office only.

Tirumala Rooms Online Booking

Devasthanam had provided facility to Book Rooms in Advance in online- Click Here For Tirumala Room Booking


  1. For Tirumala Room booking Click this link and login with mobile number and OTP –

tirumala online room booking

3. Select Location from the drop down.

  • For Tirumala Room booking, select Tirumala.
  • For Tirupati Room booking Select Tirupati.
  • For Room Booking in Talakona, Select Talakona. Please note that Talakona is 70 KMs away from Temple. If you are planning to visit Talakona waterfalls, then you can book room in Talakona, else please avoid booking it.
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tirumala room booking location


4. Select date, time slot, cost, number of persons, state and check box. Click on continue.

5. In next screen, enter the pilgrim details, address details, phone number and email. This Phone number will be used for sending the room allotment details and vacation code for getting the caution deposit.

6. Finally you will get payment screen. Pay and book it.

Devotees who book accommodation in online through advance booking can scan their room allotment receipts at ARP Counter near CRO Office , in tirumala. After your receipt is scanned, your room will get allotted mostly in 15- 30 minutes. Room allotment details will be received via SMS to registered mobile number which is used during booking. You can directly go to sub-enquiry office of allotted cottage to get the room keys.

How To Book Multiple Rooms or Rooms For Multiple Days In Tirumala?

If there are multiple persons and you want separate rooms or looking for information on how to book 2 rooms or needed room for multiple days in tirumala. Try to book from different phone numbers and different ID Proofs, so that you will be able to book multiple rooms or for multiple days.

Example scenarios :

  • Scenario – 1 : Lets say 4 pilgrims are coming for darshan , they need 2 separate rooms
    • Use 2 mobile number to book 2 rooms separately. Use 2 members details for one booking and another 2 members details for another booking.
  • Scenario – 2 : Lets say 2 pilgrims are coming for darshan, they need 1 room for 2 days
    • For day -1 : use a mobile number and give 2 persons aadhar details and book a room.
    • For day -2 : Inform in reception that you will be extending the room, they will collect caution deposit and room rent in offline for the extended day.
  • Scenario – 3 : Lets say 4 pilgrims are coming for darshan, they need 1 room for 2 days
    • For day -1 : use a mobile number and give 2 persons aadhar details and book a room. All 4 can stay in a room.
    • For day -2 : use another mobile number and given another 2 persons aadhar details and book another room. All 4 can stay in a room.
  • Scenario – 4 : Lets say 4 pilgrims are coming for darshan, they need 2 rooms for each day for 2 days (Total 4 rooms for 2 days)
    • For day -1 : use  mobile number – 1 and give 2 persons aadhar details and book room – 1 and use mobile number – 2 and use other 2 persons aadhar details to book room – 2.
    • For day -2 : Inform in reception that you will be extending the room, they will collect caution deposit and room rent in offline for the extended day.
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Is Tirumala Room Extension Possible?

Inform in reception that you will be extending the room, they will collect caution deposit and room rent in offline for the extended day.

Now you would have got an idea of how to book 2 rooms in tirumala or to book multiple rooms in tirumala for multiple days.

Can we get private rooms in Tirumala?

There are no private hotels in Tirumala. All rooms are under TTD Control and few mutts are there in which they will allot rooms according to their community.

How can I get VIP room in Tirumala?

You can go to Padmavathi Guest House Enquiry office and enquire about room availability. They will tell you if there are any rooms available at higher cost. If available, you can take the room.

How can I get room in Tirumala with recommendation letter?

  • Visit JEO Office in Tirumala with the recommendation letter and get it stamped for approval.
  • Then visit Padmavathi Guest House Enquiry and submit the stamped letter along with Aadhar cards xerox of 2 pilgrims.
  • Based on availability, rooms will be allotted in any cottage. No guarantee that you will get room as per your required cottage. If available, TTD Staff will definitely help you with the requested cottage.

If you got only one room in online, don’t worry you can take additional rooms in offline if available. After reaching tirumala, request room at any offline room allotment counters at CRO Office in Tirumala.

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  1. Dear tirumala
    We have booked 25-03-2024 ttd online Darshan tickets but our accommodation has not booked for 14-06-2024 what we have to do please tell us wt to do

  2. Dear Govinda,
    24.02.2024 I have tried to book accommodation for my family on 12.05.2024 but 3 times it’s failed while payment process. we are 6 adults and 3 kids so, please help me to get room at tirumala on 12.05.2024. Please help me govinda.
    My family darshan slot is 8 pm on 12.05.2024.

  3. We booked darshan ticket for 4 person.
    But when we booked accommodation, only one room booked with 2 name on receipt. Is this room are valid for 4 people?

    • Ya it will be valid. Max of 6 can stay in a room. There will be only 2 beds in room, others have to adjust, at reception you can get some extra blankets.


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