Daily Sevas at Tirumala

Daily Sevas at Tirumala

Nityotsavas (Daily Sevas at Tirumala)

Everyday several sevas and utsavas are held for the Lord in Tirumala right from early morning till night. Let us discuss them in brief.

  1. Suprabhatham (Waking up the Lord)
  2. Tomala Seva (Garlanding Service)
  3. Koluvu (Court)
  4. Sahasra Namaarchana (Worship with thousand divine names of the Lord)
  5. Offering of Food (Nivedana)
  6. Shattumora
  7. Kalyanotsavam (Marriage ceremony)
  8. Dolotsava (Swing ceremony)
  9. Arjitha Brahmotsava
  10. Sahasra Deepalankarana Seva (Service with thousand lamps)
  11. Ekantha Seva

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  1. Hi – When will Kalyanotsavam tickets be available for August 2023 as i could see ‘Quota yet to be released’ status for August 2023.

    • Quota release date is not confirmed yet. We will post an update on our webpage once the release date is confirmed


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