The Mathas played an important role in the History and Cult of Srisailam. They were well associated with the religious and social activities of the temple in the medieval times. These Mathas acted as educational institutions dedicated to higher learning in various branches and catered to the intellectual and spiritual needs of the society. Srisailam became a powerful Saivate centre because of the existence and activites both spiritual and profane of these Mathas. The origin of the Mathas seems to be as early as 7th Century A.D. The historical inscriptions speak about Eleven Mathas in Srisailam. But only 5 Mathas are still in existence.These Mathas are rich in sculptural and architectural wealth, where several Sivalingas were installed and worshipped since centuries. These Mathas also looked after the administration of the temple in the medieval period.

These mathas are popular as the Panchamathas namely Ghanta Matham, Bheemasankara Matham, Vibhooti Matham, Rudraksha Matham and Sarangadhara Matham. There is also a temple of Veerabhadra at the row if these mathas and is named as Veerabhadra Matha. These existing Mathas are located with in a distance of 2 km to the west of the main temple.

Ghanta Matham is at temple consisting of a group of eight temples. In the premises of this matha there is a small chamber with a seated image of six headed Kaumari the one of the Sapthamathrukas and is only one of its kind.

Bheemasankara Matham is located on the western side of Ghanta Matham with east facing temple and consist of Garbhagriha, Antaralaya and a Pillared Mandapa.

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Vibhuthi Matham is situated to the west of the Veerabhadra temple and consists of a huge mandapa with cells on all sides.

Rudraksha Matham is of about 100 yards to Vibhoothi Matham has a square Garbhagriha with a 28 pillared mantapa in front with cells all around.

Sarangadhara Matham is situated near the Bhaeemasankara Matham which is very spacious.

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