Srisailam Poojas and Sevas

srisailam poojas

Srisailam Poojas And Sevas

Below are the details of Srisailam Poojas performed at Temple

Sl.No. Name of the Seva Price
1 Abhisekam ( Garbhalayam) 5000
(Online / Current Booking)
2 Abhisekm ( In Kalyana Mandapam) 1500
(Current Booking / Online / Advance )
3 Single Abhisekam 750
(In Kalyanamandapam)
4 Abhisekam( To Sri Vrudhamallikarjunaswamy) 200
5 Rudra Homam with Ganapathi Homam 1500
6 Ganapathi Abhisekam 300
7 Mahanyasapurvaka Rudrabhisekam 2116
8 Gopuja 120
9 Bhilwarchana (In Garbhalayam) 5000
10 Bilwarchana ( To Sri Vrudha Mallikarjunaswamy) 2500
11 Mruthyunjaya Homam 508
12 Navagraha Homam 508
13 Chandralingabhisekam 108
14 Balarishtagraha Puja 316
15 Sarpadosha Nivarana Puja 316
16 Mahamruthyunjaya Abhishekam 1116
17 Sahasralingeswara swamy Abhisekam 250
18 Surya Lingabhisekam 250
19 Annaprasana 150
20 Namakaranam 150
21 BalaristaDosa Nivarana puja 21
22 Siva Sahasranamam 500
( To Sri Vruddhamallikarjuna swamy)
23 Kalyanam 1000
24 Ekantha Seva 120
25 Pallaki Seva 220
26 Vahana Seva 520
27 Sarvaseva Pathakam 5000
( Harathi, Abhisekam, Kunkumarchana,
Chandi Homam, Rudra Homam and Kalyanam)
( Permission may be taken from A.E.O.
(Temple) on or before one day)

Srisailam Poojas / Seva Online Booking:

Click on the below button to book Srisailam Poojas Online.
Online Booking – Click Here

1. A printed copy of ticket is essential to attend service.
2. AN ID proof on the name of the ticket holder must also be shown. Aadhar card is now mandatory for availing darshan, seva or pooja at srisailam temple.
3. This ticket is non-transferable and it cannot be cancelled.
4.Devotees are requested to collect the Abhisekam / Puja original tickets at Donation Counter before 9.00 P.M one day before the date of performance.
5. For all Sevas & Pujas, Male sevadars shall wear Pancha with Kanduva and females shall wear Saree with Blouse invariably. Other dresses will not be allowed.
6. Abhishekams are performed in Garbhalayam. Abhishekam Sevadars shall wear Sampradaya Vasthrams invariably.  Only couple or single person will be allowed to perform Abhishekam on one ticket.  Children below 10 years of age are also permitted to follow their parents.  Other kith and kin will not be allowed along with sevadars of Abhishekam ticket holders.  Those kith and kin should take Rs.500/- ticket each to enter into the temple only for having Darshanam and not to perform Abhishekam seva.
7. Only one person is allowed for Suprabhatham Seva, Harathi Seva and for Seegra and Athiseegra Darshanams.
8. Devotees are requested to collect the abhishekam / puja articles inside temple.

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