There exists a temple focused on Sri Veera Shikara Swamy and locally referred to as Sikareswaram Swamy. This temple in as ancient rock framework and historically the Reddi Kings possess constructed an airline flight of steps to the in the entire year 1398 AD in addition to a Pushkarini (Tank) as of this place. This place provides panoramic look at of the whole temple of Srisailam like the meandering river Krishna. The Skanda Purana proclaines a mere glance of the Sikharam frees the human being soul from the fitters of re-birth – “Srisaila Sikharam Drustva Punarjanma Na Vidyathe”.This most sacred spot is situated at about 8 km. from the primary temple at an elevation of 2830 ft above the mean ocean level. It’s the highest peak of Srisailam.

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