Phaladhara Panchadhara – Waterfall Near Srisailam


This most beautiful scene spot is located about 4 km from Srisailam. Tradition records that Bhagavan Adisankara performed penance at this place and composed the famous ‘Sivanandalahari’ here. This spot is in a narrow valley approached by a flight of steps where subterranean streams of pure water with musical sounds reverberating the surroundings. These streams are known as ‘Phaladhara-Panchadhara’ and these signify their origin from the fore head of God Siva, the Phaladhara (Phala=fore head, dhara=stream) and denotes the five aspects of Siva, the Panchadhara (Pancha=five, dhara=stream). The water from this stream flows at all seasons uninterruptedly.

One have to get down approximately 140 steps to view this scenic beauty. The water here is believed to be holy which can heal the bad and give you virtues.

Best time to visit this waterfalls is during rainy season. Below is the map location of the water falls. It is said to be naturally formed and the flow will be there through out the year.


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