Limited Darshan During August 11 – 16

Limited Darshan During August 11 - 16

The temple government of TTD provides made a decision to enable darshan to pilgrims in limited amounts by August 10 to of sixteen during Astabandhana Balalaya Maha Samprokshanam in the available time space during this period.

TTD Have confidence Panel Leader Sri L Sudhakar Yadav along with TTD EO Sri Anil Kumar Singhal on Thursday briefed the mass media for Annamaiah Bhavan about the policy that has been taken categorically in the panel meeting.

Elaborating further the Chairman said, the enthusiasts will end up being allowed to get darshan through Vaikuntham Line up Complex. “ In the next a couple of days we all will go over in detail about the probability of enabling maximum number of pilgrims in the VQC compartments meant for darshan. As we have very limited period space for darshan, we will work out on this and come out with numbers of the maximum quantity of pilgrims which in turn we can provide during these half a dozen times. We all will allow simply that amount of pilgrims in to the spaces based on the likelihood of day sensible darshan statistics which we can provide”, he added.

Afterwards EO explained, in the responses we received from the Pilgrims, 33% portrayed to provide darshan to those who reach Tirumala, while 22% supported TTD’s previous decision of cancelling of darshan during that period owing to time constraints while 8% of them suggested to issue only online seats with specific quota etc . We have previously stalled Rs. 300 darshan quota and now we’ve considered a decision to cancel all the darshans which include Divya Darshan, Sarva Darshan Token, VIP break, right darshans for your period.

Darshan will be provided with in the partial time space to those that reach Tirumala through Vaikuntham Queue Intricate as the significance will be more designed for rituals rather than darshan during Maha Samprokshanam”, he declared.


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