Abhishekam Seva

Tirumala Abhishekam Seva

Abhishekam Seva:

Abishekam is a sanskrit word for the celestial bath that is performed to the main presiding deity in any Hindu temple. As per tradition, in Tirumala, Abhishekam Seva is performed on the pre-dawn of every Friday.

It will be performed from morning 3 AM which may long upto 2 hours. A team of 4-5 priests will perform the Abhishekam based on Vaikhanasa Agama.

All gold and diamond ornaments, clothing, are taken off from the presiding deity except a white loin, and a heavy gold necklace bearing a pendant with Sri Mahalakshmi’s seated pose.

The abhishekam is performed by priests with water (brought from Akasaganga teertham), milk, curd, ghee, coconut water, honey, punugu thailam, turmeric, sandal paste etc.  Pancha Suktam – Purusha Suktam, Sri Suktam, Bhoo Suktam, Nila Suktam, and Santhi Vachanam   will be recited during abhishekam by priests.

Abhishekam is a paid seva and only limited number devotees will be allowed.

Gathering Point
Devotees should gather at Supadham


Abhishekam Seva will be performed from 04:30 – 06:00 AM. Devotees should gather one hour before the Seva time at Supadham

Abhishekam Seva will be performed only on Friday.

Dress Code:

Men should come in White Pancha / Dhothi with Shirt
Women should come in Saree with Blouse Or Punjabi Dress With Dupatta Or Chudidhar with Dupatta Or Half Saree.

Tirumala Abishekam Seva Booking:

There are 2 ways to get Abishekam Seva ticket.

  1. This Seva tickets can be availed in current booking or through high level recommendation letter. You need to submit the recommendation letter at JEO office, Tirumala . Once approved you will get an SMS and can collect the ticket at MBC 34.
  2. Register for lucky dip at CRO Office on Thursday before 12 PM. If you got selected in the lucky dip , you will be informed through SMS to collect the ticket.

For any info required on Abhishekam Seva, please leave your comments below. We will get back to you at the earliest.


  1. Arunachala

    I would like to know when Abishekaam Seva tickets are available. Whatever be the date we are willing to wait for his blessings. With blessings of Arunachala Iam sure we will get a positive reply

  2. How can i get Abhishekam tickets with out high level recommendation letter? That seva will be for high class n influenced persons only? For general people it is not available..

  3. Please Give information about kalyanotsavam tickets can I get in offline tickets at Wat time the tickets will issued if they were allowed the unmarried girls with couples and parents

  4. Govinda,

    Sir everyone is not going to have the high level contacts, we are regularly visiting Tirumala every year and wants to do Abhishekam, Melchat Vastram Seva. We are ready to pay Rs. 25000/ for 2 people , please confirm as we ordinary people also want to have the priviledge for this type of Seva.

    • Abhishekam Seva tickets are allotted with high level recommendation letter only. Currently it’s not available for online booking.

  5. on ttd online booking their is no showing abhishekam seva.
    can i online book abhishekam seva for any date may 2018.

    • Hi madam, abhishekam tickets can be availed either through high level recommendation letter from any minister, which needs to be submitted in JEO office in Tirumala one day before your planned Seva date. Or you can enroll for the current booking in CRO office in Tirumala.

  6. Hello Sir/Madam,

    We have been for tying for Abhishekam tickets from pretty long time. I just came across in TTD channel that there were 6 tickets available for Poorabhhshekam seva. I just want to know the procedure of booking the tickects. Lucky dip is not possible since we are in Bangalore. It would be nice if you suggest a suitable way of booking tickects for this seva.

    Looking forward for your reply,

    Thanking You

  7. hi,
    currently No seva tickets are available in online booking. when will open booking for seva tickets like Nijapadadarshanam, kalyanam etc.


  8. hi sir,
    Abhishekam and Nija Pada Darshan seva both are same or different?
    if different how can we book tickets for Abhishekam. because Abhishekam option is not available in Seva tickets


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