Sahasra Namaarchana at Tirumala

Sahasra Namaarchana at Tirumala

Sahasra Namaarchana (Worship with 1000 Divine Names of Lord)

After Tomala Seva, Sahasra Namaarchana is done to the main deity every morning at Tirumala. Reciting the thousand divine names of the Lord, the holy feet of the Lord are worshipped with the basil leaves offered by the Jiyyangars. Later the basil at the feet is taken out to worship Sri Maha Lakshmi reciting her 24 divine names. It takes place for about half an hour. The devotees can participate in this on payment of required fees.

In addition to the above, the Lord is worshiped twice reciting his 108 divine names (Ashtottara Shara Namaarchana) after the second and third bells. They are done in solitude. The paid devotees, however, can participate in the Ashta Dala Pada Padmaraadhana as part of the second archana on Tuesdays on payment of required fees.

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