Vakula Devi (Mother Of Lord Venkateswara) Temple – Peruru


Vakula Devi

Vakula devi was previously Yashoda in Lord Krishna’s lila. She is a partial expansion of mother Yashoda. And it is said that Lord Krishna still left Vrindavana when He was only about ten and a half years old. In fact it is natural for a mother to see her children married. Devaki was involved in so many marriages of Krishna, 16,108. But Yashoda never got any opportunity to do this. So Lord Krishna knowing her heart, He promised her, “In my next incarnation you will be there to arrange for My marriage.”

vakula devi

Then Vakula devi treated Lord Srinivas just as a mom treats her own child. She would go and collect nice fruit and veggies. She used to prepare delicious prasad for Him several times a day. She’d go and get the herbal products and make the proper paste, and apply to His head. She would offer Him such lovely words. She cherished Him with such motherly love that Srinivas was therefore much satisfied, living on this Venkatadri mountain (other names: Seshadari, Narayanadri).

Vakula Devi Temple

As symbolic of motherly love, a Temple in her name was built about 300 years back on Peruru Hillock with an increase of than 50 acres of property around in scenic.

As per the wishes of Vakula Devi(mom), this temple was constructed so that visage of maata faces the Seven Hills, where her son Lord Venkateswara resides.

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Like and affection of mother-son is evident as Naivedhyam, it is first offered to mother and later on to Lord Venkateswara in Tirumala. The Priests ring the huge bells at Vakula maata temple to point that naivedhyam is offered to mother, later Priests at Tirumala submit offerings to Lord Venkateswara. Such was the tradition followed in earlier times before temple was destroyed and dropped its glory.


Peruru village is located within 27 kilometers from Tirumala hills and 10 KMS from Tirupati.

How To Reach Vakula Devi Temple? 

You can hire a cab to visit the temple.

Vakula Devi Temple Map Location


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