Pavitrotsavam at Sri Lakshmi Venkateswaraswamy Temple, Devuni Kadapa



The sacred Vaikhanasa texts prescribe that this important festival must be performed every year on a specified day Pavitrotsavams mean “pavitra dharanaya sahakritam utsavam”, which means “the Utsavams which involve adorning pavitrams” (the sacred garlands made with pure silk thread of different colors). Another meaning “pavlbyaha vajrasamanebhyaha doshebhyah trayate iti pavitram”. The expiations which are equal to Vajrayudha (the weapon of Indra) in strength are removed by performing the Pavitrotsavams.

Pavitrotsavam at Sri Lakshmi Venkateswaraswamy Temple, Devuni Kadapa

Date  Day  Details
03-09-2017 Sunday Pavitrotsavam Begins
04-09-2017 Monday Pavitrapratishta
05-09-2017 Tuesday Offering of Sacred threads
06-09-2017 Wednesday Pavitrotsavam Ends

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