Thulabharam at Tirumala

Thulabharam at Tirumala

Weighing place (Thulabharam)

Thulabharam / The balance is seen near the Tirumalaraya mandapam. In sanksrit the balance is called “Tula”. In olden days the kings used to perform “Tulapurushadanam”. The devotees pay money as they wished to offer when their diseases are cured, and are blessed with children. The money equivalent to their weight or to their children’s weight is weighed and submitted to swami. If needs be, the TTD will provide coins. The secret of Thulabhara is not mere submission of the coins. At the time of entry into the temple every devotee will have to judge for himself. The main purpose of temple entry is to maintain equanimity of mind. “Equanimity of mind is the Sun and Substance of all Vedas”, said Annamayya ‘Samabuddhe yandariki sarva vedasaramu’.

Thulabharam Timings:

Thulabharam will be available 24/7. There are no time restrictions. There is no separate entry. Those who are going through the darshan lines  i.e what ever it may me be (300/- entry,free darshan or divya darshan) after entering the Mahadwaram i.e in Srivari Padikavali.

Thulabaharam Items are coins, sugarcandy, jaggary, sugar, rice


1 rupee coins Rs.202 per 1 kg
2 Rupee coins Rs.332 per 1 kg
5 Rupee coins Rs.555 per 1 kg
Sugar Rs.40 per 1 kg
Sugar Candy Rs.30 per 1 kg
Jaggary Rs.38 per 1 kg
Rice Rs.41 per 1 kg


Srivari Thulabharam is on the left side, after entering mahadwaram. After thulabharam people are allowed to join queque. complete family can attend Thulabharam and there is no age limit for Thulabharam.


    • Yes Sakthi. Baby is allowed. Their safety and hygiene are your responsibility only. Please wear masks and carry sanitizers.


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