Tholi Ekadashi

Tholi Ekadashi

Tholi Ekadashi

Tholi (first) Ekadashi is the most auspicious festival of Hindus, mainly the Vaishnavas. On this day the Vaishnavas observe fasting, praying and singing bhajans of the Lord Mahavishnu.

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According to the Hindu calendar of all 24 Ekadashis, this ekadashi is known as Tholi Ekadashi and is the day when the day time starts shortening and night time starts increasing. It is observed on Shukla paksha (waxing phase of moon) in Ashada masam (June – July) as Tholi Ekadashi when Lord Vishnu goes to sleep on this day and wakes up after four months on Prabodhini Ekadashi. The Lord Mahavishnu awakens from His slumber four months later on Prabodhini Ekadashi. Thus Tholi Ekadashi is the beginning of Chaturmasyam. The Ascetics (sanyasis) start choosing the chaturmasya and stay at one place with their sishyas to avoid the inclement weather caused by rains as the rainy season starts. They take a vow to stay at an important religious places like Tirumala, Sri Rangam and other places even in the North like Badrikashram.

On the day of chaturmasya sankalpa (vow), the Jeeyars are given Temple honours Called ‘Ishtikapalam’ and offering of seshavastrams (Sacred clothes) at Tirumala. Many of the Sri Vaishnavas throng the temple along with Jeeyar Swamis to have darshan of Lord Srinivasa. Prior to that, special Homam will be performed in the Jeer Mutt for the sankalpam.

This sankalpam or vow is to stay at one place and worship God and give audience (darshan) to the sishyas that come from far and near.

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The muttadhipathis of other places like Aandavan Swami, Ahobila mutt Jeeyar and other Srivaishnava Jeeyars also camp here during chaturmasya vratam choosing Tirumala as a sacred place of Lord Vishnu. The TTD offers them honours as per their tradition.

Ekadashi is known as ‘Harivasam’. The Day of Sri Hari is observed on every eleventh Tithi in Hindu calendar of lunar month. There are two Ekadashis fasting in a month, one during Shukla paksha (bright half – waxing moon) and Krishnapaksha Ekadashi (waning moon – dark half).

The Bhavishyothara Purana and Garuda Purana speaks a lot about the significance of ekadashi vrata and how the Lord comes to the rescue of His devotees at the time of difficulties who perform this vrata. The story of Maandaatta and Rukmangada are famous as they were staunch Bhaktas of Lord Vishnu who observed Ekadashi vrata.

The Benefits of Ekadashi vrata

(1) It increases your spiritual strength
(2) It increases immunity
(3) All your sins are perished
(4) It detox your body and replenishes with fresh energy
(5) It takes you near to God.

Some Ekadashi days

(1) Tholi Ekadashi
(2) Vaikunta Ekadashi or Mukkoti Ekadashi
(3) Bhima Ekadashi
(4) Bhishma Ekadashi
(5) Parivarthana Ekadashi etc.

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