VIP Darshan In Tirumala – SRIVANI Scheme

For the pilgrims who are eager to have Lord Venkateswara Darshan from closer without any pulling or pushing in the queue line, TTD had introduced a fantastic scheme to have the Darshan under VIP Quota if you donate Rs.10000 under SRIVANI Trust. Please find the details below on How to easily get VIP Darshan In Tirumala without help of any agents or brokers or middle men.


SRIVANI Trust is nothing but SRI VARI Aalaya Nirmanam Trust. Donations received under this scheme will be used to build Lord Venkateswara temples all over the world. Currently these funds are used for temple construction at Amaravathi, Andhra Pradesh.

VIP Darshan For SRIVANI Trust Donors:

Pilgrims who donate a minimum of Rs.10000 to SRIVANI Trust can get one VIP Break Darshan Ticket. You can donate to the trust online at You can donate a maximum of Rs.99,999 to this trust and can get a maximum of 9 tickets. Per ticket only one person will be allowed.

Book VIP Break Darshan Ticket

After donating to SRIVANI Trust in, visit ‘Donor Management’ under menu and pay Rs.500 to get VIP darshan ticket. You can book this ticket for any date with in 180 days of donation.

Having Trouble Booking Online for VIP Darshan Ticket Under SRIVANI?

Are you facing any trouble to book VIP Darshan ticket under SRIVANI Scheme? or you are not having knowledge on how to book ?  you can book offline as well, on arrival you can visit CRO Office to donate for this trust and get the ticket . If you need any clarifications you can contact 08772277777.

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  1. Now a days without a valid ticket ttd authorities are not allowing to tirumala. Now I want donate Rs.20000/- to Sri Vani trust on off line and wanted to avail lord Darshan on the next day. Kindly advise me in this regard to have Lord darshan

    • Hi Atishay,

      You need to pay 10000 per head as donation…. For 5 persons , you need to pay 50000 as donation and 2500 for tickets

  2. My daughter donated Rs.20,000 to Srivani Trust and is eligibile for 2 persons, for her and her husband. They have a 2 1/2 year old daughter . Would she be allowed to break darshan along with them

  3. We have donates Rs.20,000 to Srivani Trust and have eligibility for 2 persons, for me and my husband. We have a 9 year old son. Would he be allowed to break darshan along with us?


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