Can We Buy Tirumala Laddu In Online?

tirumala laddu

Srivari Prasadam – Laddu

  • Tirumala laddu is more popular among pilgrims than the other forms of ‘prasadam’ offered by the Tirumala Temple.
  • Tirupati laddu will be prepared with flour, sugar, ghee, oil, cardamom and dry fruits which is mouthwatering sweet.
  • Within the temple, there is a separate kitchen for Laddu called Potu.
  • TTD can make 3,00,000 laddus each day.

Can We Buy Tirumala Laddu In Online?

  • Online purchase and delivery is not available for Tirumala Laddu.

Can we Buy Tirumala Laddu In any other city?

  • Tirumala-Laddu will not be sold in any other city. You can get it only in Tirumala Laddu Counter.
  • During Covid, as the stock might get wasted, Laddus were transported to all major cities and distributed to locals and given an option to book online as well. But currently that is stopped and you need to buy laddus only in Tirumala-Laddu Counter.

Cost of TTD Laddu?

  • Cost of Tirumala Srivari Prasadam Laddu (medium) is Rs.50/- and Kalyanotsavam Laddu (Big) is Rs.200/-
  • Cost of Vada is Rs.100/-

How to Get Extra laddus?

  • We can buy extra laddus at Tirumala-Laddu counter itself by paying extra amount. Each Laddu cost is Rs.50/-

How Many Extra Laddus Can buy?

  • Per person 2 to 4 extra laddus (Based on availability) will be given at the laddu counter.

How Many free Laddus for Rs.300 / Sevas / SRIVANI / Darshan Tickets?

  • For Each ticket 1 free Laddu will be given.
  • For Only Kalyanotsavam Seva Big Laddu, Vada and Blouse Piece will be given.

How Many free Laddus for Free / Sarva Darshan Tickets?

  • For Each ticket 1 free Laddu will be given.

For further details Please check with TTD – 08772233333

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