Chakra Theertham

Chakra Theertham


Chakra Teertham, literally, a water body named after the chakra ,the discus of Lord Vishnu. It is believed that Lord Brahma once wanted to perform penance, and wanted a pure location, and asked Lord Vishnu to find him a suitable place. Lord Vishnu sent his discus, which carved out an area on the hill, creating a place for Lord Brahma to sit. Into the gorge rushed water from the hill streams, providing him with water. More believably, there is an image of Chakrathazhwar (Lord Vishnu depicted in the form of a discus) on one of the rocks here.


It is located at 2KM From Tirumala Main Temple. It is located near to Silathoranam. From there we need to climb a good number of steps to reach Chakra Theertham

How To Reach:

  • T.T.D Free Bus
  • Cabs



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