Palani Temple Timings

palani temple timings

Palani Temple Timings – Daily

The Hill Temple is kept open for darshan from 6.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. on ordinary days. On Karttikai and other important festival days the temple is kept open for darshan from 4.00 AM to Rakkalam. Arrangements have been made for Dharma Darshan (free darshan) by a special queue on the Hill Temple. Devotees can avail this facility and have darshan without paying any fee. Below are the details of Palani Temple Timings.


Palani Temple Pooja & Darshan Timings

S.NoDetailsPooja TiminigsPooja Amount
Normal DaysSpecial DaysNormal Days Rs.Special Days Rs.
1Free Entrance Darshan6 AM – 7.30 PM4 AM – Midnight
2Special Entrance Darshan6 AM Onwards4 AM Onwards1020
3Separate Special Entrance Darshan6 AM Onwards4 AM Onwards100200
4Vishvaruba Dharsana5.40 AM4:00 AM100200
5Vila Pooja6.50 AM4.30 AM150300
6Sirukalasanthi8:00 AM8:00 AM150300
7Kalasanthi9:00 AM9:00 AM150300
8Uchikalam12:00 PM12:00 PM150300
9Sayaratchai (Raja Alankaram)5.30 PM5.30 PM150300
10Rakkalam8:00 PM150300
11Milk Abhisekam7.30 AM4.30 PM2525
12Panjamirutham Abhisekam ( Fees Only )7.30 AM4.30 PM2525
13Ashthotiram Archanai7.30 AM7.30 PM55
14Shagashranamam at Thiruaavinankudi7.30 AM7.30 PM1010
15Bhogar Ashthotiram7.30 AM7.30 PM0.50.5
16Thirthakavadi7.30 AM7.30 PM2020
18Kadhu kuthu (Ear boring) including goldsmith22
19Palliarai theepandham per head8.30 PM100100
20Palliarai Vensamaram per head8.30 PM5050
21All Abhisekam7575
22Thanga radham swami purapadu (Golden Chariot)7.00 PM7.00 PM20002000
23Thangamayil vaganathil swami purapadu (Golden Peacock)6.30 PM6.30 PM20002000
24Puthu kanaku (3 books only)200200
25Panjamirutham Abishega (Fees only )2525
26Thulabaram-offering swami kanikai5050

Palani Darshan or Pooja Tickets Online Booking

You can check the availability and book the pooja as well of darshan tickets for Palani temple online . To book click the below link.

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