Backsavari Utsavam at Tirumala

Backsavari Utsavam at Tirumala

Utsavam – A Day After Brahmotsavam in Tirumala

The two renowned Sri Vaishnava Acharyas of 11th century have dedicated their whole life in the service of Lord Venkateswara. They were Acharya Tirumalai Nambi and Sri Ananthalvan. The two great Acharyas on the orders of their mentors came toTirumala one after the other to do Kainkaryams (sacred service) to the Lord. The first was Sri Tirumalai Nambi, the first Srivaishnava to arrive at Tirumala on the orders of Alavandar or Yamuna Muni. Sri Tirumalai Nambi took to the service of recitingvedams, prabandham, bringing of ‘Papavinasana theertham‘ and later on ‘Akasaganga Theertham’ as per the wishes of Lord Srinivasa. As the Acharya was advancing in age Sri Bhagawad Ramanuja sent Sri Ananthalvan to assist and continue the service of Pushpa Kainkaryam (flower service).

Sri Anantalvan came to Tirumala as per the orders of Bhagavad Ramanuja and started digging land to make a beautiful flower garden with all types of flowers liked by Lord Srinivasa. He also dug a Tank called as ‘Ramanuja pushkarini’ by his own efforts assisted by his wife. Even though she was pregnant, he asked her to do the work and never asked any help from others not even from God. Every day he used to take the garland of flowers to the temple and offer it to Lord Srinivasa. Both Sri Tirumala Nambi and Sri Ananthalwan, the two best friends, dedicated their lives in the service of the Lord, lived happily by doing their services without any misunderstanding or jealousy between themselves as their motive was to make the Lord happy and spread Srivaishnavism.

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Both the Acharyas were at their work and the garden of Anantalvan became an attractive place to all, including the Lord. Lord Srinivasa along with His Vakshastala Lakshmi (Lakshmi in His Bosom) used to go to the Bhag (Garden) during the night hours and used to take a stroll as Lakshmi plucked some flowers of her choice. Both of them, after some time of relaxation, used to go back to the Temple. This was their routine. When the garden became fully flowered and so many fragrant flowers were seen by the divine couple in human form.

To the utter shock of Ananthalvan, he started noticing some fragrant flowers missing from his garden daily and kept a watch throughout night. At that time, he saw a couple entering the garden, smiling, going together around the garden casually as they did every day. Then suddenly Anantalvan appeared before them and tried to catch them but Lord Srinivasa escaped by leaving Mahalakshmi as she could not run as fast as the Lord did. Then Ananthalvan took the lady and tied her to an Aswathatree.

The Lord in the human form ran in the anticlock direction and disappeared into the temple. The lady was tied to the tree throughout the night and when Anantalwan went to the temple to offer flowers to the Lord, Mahalakshmi was not seen on the Bosom of the Lord. Then he realised that the Lord Himself with Goddess Lakshmi had come to his garden. Regretting his mistake, he took the Goddess (the lady tied to the tree) in a basket of flowers to the temple and placed her near the Lord. Lord
Srinivasa on seeing the selfless devotion of Anantalvan felt happy.

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Backsavari Utsavam at Tirumala

To commemorate the pleasing incident of Hisrun in the reverse direction, a festival is celebrated every year immediately after Salakatla (the annual) Brahmotsavam. The Lord with His consorts go to the Ananthalvan garden (Bhag) and the family members of Anantalvan receive the Lord attended by Jeeyar Swamis and other Srivaishnavas. Therewill be a Prabandh ghosti, sathumorai with various kinds of food offerings by the family. Even to-day the garden and pushkarini are still there and the senior members of family are looking after the maintenance of the garden in Tirumala.

The unique festival ‘Bagh Savari’ or ‘Backsavari’ will takes place immediately after annual Brahmotsavams every year. On this day, the utsava deities are taken to Anantalwar Garden situated in Tirumala in anti-clock wise direction and after the rituals, brought back to Srivari temple at Tirumala. The festival is eye feast to
the eyes.

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