Sarva Darshan In Tirumala:

Due to Covid-19, there are some restrictions in place for Sarva Darshan . Please contact 08772233333 if you are planning to have Tirumala Darshan in general queue.

Sarva Darshan is nothing but General darshan which is free of cost. There are two types of Sarva Darshan.

  1. Sarva Darshan Without ticket – You will be entering the queue line without any ticket which might take longer time depending on the rush on that day
  2. Sarva Darshan With Ticket (Aadhaar Darshan)  – This is also called as Time slot Sarva darshan In Tirumala. Time Slot sarva darshan Ticket Current Booking Counter is available at Srinivasam Complex , Bus Stand and Vishnu Nivasam opposite to Railway Station in Tirupati. Counter will open at 4 AM . Daily around 15000 tickets will be issued. You can get the ticket if you can reach the counter by max 6 or 7 AM. Later it might get over. so please try to reach the counter as early as possible. Please carry Aadhaar Card.  This is usually called by pilgrims as Aadhaar darshan as you can get the ticket by showing aadhaar card. It is mandatory to carry aadhaar card in original to get this ticket.

Rs.300 Special Entry Darshan Tickets can be booked online. Click on below button to check availability and book.

Book Darshan Ticket

Click on the below link to know about the current waiting time for the darshan.

Darshan Wait Time

[Live] – Tirumala Darshan Crowd Status Today

Tirumala Darshan Crowd Status Today
To book a Token under time slotted Sarva Darshan, Aadhar Card is compulsory. Pilgrims who availed time slotted Sarva Darshan will not have to wait at compartments and will be moving in a direct line for darshan.