Vajra kavacham – A Story of Diamond Armour

Vajra Kavacham

Vajra kavacham

Oftentimes, in the age of Kali when materialism and so called scientific perspective rules the day, tales of divinity and miraculous events become rather inconceivable. But, in truth, those beings open to the divine vibrations of the Higher Self and those who have firm faith in His benevolence often experience miraculous happenings that look like coincidences.

One such event that is recorded in the history of recent times, is the story of Kollegala Veeranna. He was a merchant living near Mysore of Karnataka state. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu. It is said that Narayana once appeared in a dream and ordered Veeranna Setty to make Him a diamond studded armour and bring it to Him.The merchant, dutifully got one vajra kavacham made and took it to Melukote, the abode of Cheluva Narayana.

Alas, the armour did not fit the deity there. The priests then asked Veeranna to go to Sri Rangam, the Vaishnavite hub. Veeranna took the armour and offered it to Nam Perumal, the processional deity of Ranganatha.

Since it did not even come close to fit, they asked Veeranna to offer the precious armour to Lord Varadaraja of Kanchipuram at Tamil Nadu. The priests tried to adorn the armour to the deity of Varadaraja Swamy, but to no avail. It simply did not fit. Veeranna was in utter despair and cried out his helplessness. The priests then thought long and hard and then advised Veeranna to go to the hills of Venkatachala, as the Lord of Kaliyuga was none other than Sri Venkateswara.

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Veeranna continued his journey to the South and apprehensively offered it to Lord Malayappa. Wonder of wonders, the Vajra Kavacham fit perfectly! It was as though they were fit made Malayappa precisely. Veeranna and the priests looked on wondrously at this miraculous event and the tale travelled far and wide. The proof that the incident actually occurred can be seen on the feet of the famous diamond studded armour, on which are inscribed the words, “Kollegala Veeranna Setty Seve”, in Kannada script!

Such is the glory of our Lord Venkateswara and a true devotee is bound to agree that not even a leaf flutters without the Lord’s consent. It is by His immense grace alone, that our very existence continues! Thus when one thinks of having His divine Darshan at Tirumala, it is not by our desire alone, but His design too! If and only if the Lord decides to bless us with His grace could we even get a glimpse of His ever loving visage!

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