Tiruppavada Seva at Tirumala

Tiruppavada Seva

Tiruppavada Seva

Every Thursday, after the morning pooja, all ornaments, flowers are removed from the Mula Virat. The deity will be draped only in Dhoti and Uttareeyam. The Thirunaman karpuram and Kasturi on the forehead of the main deity are also reduced in size. This results in the unique posture of Lord where one can witness the divine eyes of our beloved Lord. During other days the wide Namam with which the Lord’s forehead is adorned, covers almost half of his eyes. But on Thursday morning we can have the full view of the benign eyes of the main deity.

On Thursday Tiruppavada Seva is performed as arjitha Seva in the Mantapam in front of the Bangaru Vakili and Annakutotsavam (where heaps of tamarind rice is poured) is performed.

What is performed in Tiruppavada Seva:

A large rectangular tub – like golden vessel is placed in the Mantapam and a huge quantity of “Pulihora”-tamarind rice, along with other sweet preparations such as payasam, laddu, jilebi, thenthola, appam etc and other delicacies are deposited thereon with coconuts, flowers, sandal paste, kumkum, deepam and is placed in that trapezoid receptacle to be offered as naivedya to the Lord.

Amid Chanting of mantras, the previous wide Naamam is peeled off and a thin Naamam is applied on the forehead of Mula Virat,  just to cover the space between His eyebrows. When this happens, it is believed that the Lord’s first gaze after “opening” His Eyes (because they were covered by the Naamam earlier) should not fall on mortals, because it has huge power that could not be withstand by humans. Instead, it is made to fall on the mound of “Pulihora” directly in front of Him, thereby sanctifying it and reducing the intensity of His Gaze. The “Pulihora” therefore acts like a Veil (“Paavada” in Telugu/Tamil) protecting devotees from His Powerful Gaze.

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Gathering Point:

Devotees should gather at VQC-I.


Seva Performed Only on Thursday.

Thiruppavada Seva will be performed from 06:00 – 07:00 AM. Devotees should gather one hour before the Seva time at VQC-I.

Tiruppavada Seva Booking:

  • Tiruppavada Seva booking is possible only with Recommendation letter from high level authorities.
  • Submit the recommendation letter in JEO Office, Tirumala one day before.
  • Once your letter is approved, you will get a message to your mobile. Then you can collect the ticket from MBC-34

Tiruppavada Seva Images:

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  1. Hi ,
    From which kind of Higher Authorities Recommendation letter is required?? Is letter from MLA of any state is accepted ?? If not , then who are the Higher Authorities?

    And is this Dharshan available for female and male as well?

    • Hi Madam,

      Currently pilgrims are not allowed to participate in Tiruppavada Seva due to covid guidelines. Physical participation in all sevas at tirumala has been cancelled for public. Only priests are doing it in EKantham.


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