Archana Seva

Archana Seva

Archana seva is one of the most famous seva performed to the moola virat (main diety) of Lord Venkateswara Swamy. Archana is also called as ‘Sahasranamarchana'(1008 glorious names of Lord). Blessings will be provided to the pilgrims on their name and gothra. Devotees are allowed to sit infront of the God for half an hour and it will be real feast to your eyes.

This is one of the seva where you can watch the Lord very closely and for nearly half an hour.

How to Book Archana Seva in Online?

TTD is providing this seva tickets tickets in online dip booking system. Pilgrims are provided 2 days window to register for Archana in Electronic Dip booking system. On next day lucky dip list will be published . Pilgrims who got selected in the list will be intimated through SMS and E-Mail. They will be provided a 1 day window period during which they can make the payment and confirm the ticket.

archana Seva ticket booking onlineFor steps on how to book the Seva through online booking. Scroll down.
Archana seva is performed immediately after completion of Thomala Seva .Generally this Seva is carried out 3 times a day, Devotees are allowed only in the morning time, remaining 2 times ( archana in afternoon and in evening) are performed in Ekantham, devotees are not allowed for it . This ritual is performed in the presence of 200 devotees daily. The flowers are placed at the feet of lord vekateswara while reciting his 1008 names. Many of the devotees bring the holy book consisting of these Sahasranamas and recite along with the Pandits.

  • This daily seva in Tirumala starts at 4:30 A.M. It takes about one hour for the completion of the ritual.
  • The ticket cost is Rs220/- per head which is very worthful and two Laddus will be given per ticket.
  • TTD allows pilgrims only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to attend this seva. On the remaining days including the festivals and other auspicious occasions, only temple archaka’s are allowed to perform the ritual.
  • Sahasranama Archana is an arjita seva on Tuesday, Wednesday and thursday and on Friday, Saturday Sunday and Monday it is performed in ekantam.
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Reporting Time : 4:30 AM
Seva Time         : 5:30 AM to 6 AM
Day of Seva       : Tue-Wed-Thu
Price of a Ticket: Rs. 220.00
No. of Persons allowed per ticket: One
Prasadam / Bahumanam : 2 small laddus

Archana Seva Online Booking Procedure

  1. For online booking of Archana seva you need to Visit the URL –  and login with your Indian Mobile Number and OTP.

suprabatham booking process step 1

2. Select Seva Electronic Dip Under Pilgrim Services

suprabatham booking process step 2

3. Agree for the instructions by selecting the check box and click Continue

suprabatham booking process step 3

4. Fill all the required details. You can register for 1 person or 2 persons as per your need by selecting  1 or 2 from the dropdown highlighted as below and click continue once all the required details are mentioned.

dip registration step 4

5. List of Sevas under Electronic Dip will be displayed like below. You can select for 1 seva or all the sevas. Click on ” Select Seva & Date ” Button.

dip registration step 5

6. You can register for dip for all the sevas by Selecting “Select All Seva(s)/Dates” Check box at the top or if you wish to visit for only Archana then you can select check box beside “Archana ” and Click “OK” Button.

dip registration step 6 - 1

For opting for only Archana , select the Check box beside Archana and click “Ok” Button.

Archana Seva


7. Click the “Continue To Review” Button

dip registration step 7

8. Review the details and Click “Confirm & Submit” Button.

( In My case I had selected for all sevas and all eligible dates so that there is a high probability of getting a seva ticket for any one seva).

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dip registration step 8

9. Once the Registration is successful, you will get a pop up like below with Registration Number.

dip registration step 9

10. Lucky Dip Selection date will be published on that the selected pilgrims will get SMS and email to their registered mobile number and email address.

11. Once you are selected in the list you will be allowed to make your payment with in 3 days. Ensure that you make the payment.

If you need any info on Archana Seva . Please leave your comment below. We will respond at the earliest.

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