Lord Ganapathi in Various Forms

Lord Ganapathi in Various Forms

Lord Ganapathi in Various Forms

16 Lord Ganapathi in Various Forms used to fulfill prayers of His Devotees. Lord Ganapathi give specialized and Fruitful results to the devotees and grace them.

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  1. Lord Bala Ganapathi: To attain intellectual enlightenment, all devotees have to chant his ‘dhyana’ sloka 32 times and offer ‘pranams’ to him 21 times.
    bala ganapati
    Bala Ganapathi
  2. Lord Taruna Ganapathi: When one chants Lord Taruna Ganapathi’s sloka 32 times, one’s efforts will be fulfilled and one attains concentration, self-confidence and finally ‘moksha’.
    taruna ganapati
    Taruna Ganapathi
  3. Lord Bhaktha Ganapathi: When worships him, one acquires devotional thinking about God and gets salvation.
    bhakti ganapati
    Bhakti Ganapathi
  4. Lord Veera Ganapathi: When one meditates on him and worships him, one gets courage and bravery.
    veera ganapati
    Veera Ganapathi
  5. Lord Shakthi Ganapathi: One gets self-confidence by performing puja to him.
    shakthi ganapati
    Shakti Ganapathi
  6. Lord Dwija Ganapathi: If one worships him one gets concentration knowledge and skill.
    dvija ganapati
    Dwija Ganapathi
  7. Lord Siddhi Ganapathi: Siddhi and Buddhi are the powers of the Lord. Spiritual and intellectual powers are the main features of his form and the devotees who worship Lord Siddhi Ganapathi can get success for ever.
    siddhi ganapati
    Siddhi Ganapathi
  8. Lord Uchishta Ganapathi: Uchishta Ganapati gives great  boons to his devotees when they pray to him. He punishes the devotees who do not maintain discipline and he never accepts even a small mistake. Devotees who used to worship him are being increased day to day.
    ucchhishta ganapati
    Uchishta Ganapathi
  9. Lord Vighna Ganapathi: When one prays to him one’s obstacles will be removed and one gets fame.
    Vighna Ganapati
    Vighna Ganapathi
  10. Lord Kshipra Ganapathi: Lord regarded as the one who answers prayers rewards true devotion and satisfies the will of the devotees.
    Kshipra Ganapati
    Kshipra Ganapathi
  11. Lord Heramba Ganapathi: In the form Lord Heramba Ganapathi removes the obstacles while travelling.
    Heramba Ganapati
    Heramba Ganapathi
  12. Lord Sri Lakshmi Ganapathi: By worshipping him one gets wealth, health and nourishment.
    Lakshmi Ganapati
    Lakshmi Ganapathi
  13. Lord Maha Ganapathi: By worshipping Lord Maha Ganapathi, it is believed that one gets immense properity. The Lord is like the wish-fulfilling cow i.e., ‘Kamadhenu’. He removes all kinds of difficulties caused by the nine planets.
    Maha Ganapati
    Maha Ganapathi
  14. Lord Vijaya Ganapathi: Lord Vijaya Ganapathi is the God of Accomplishment it is believed that praying to him ensures success in all endeavours and makes his devotees victorious.

    Vijaya Ganapati
    Vijaya Ganapathi
  15. Lord Nrutya Ganapathi: Lord Nrutya Ganapathi is depicted as a dancing God under the divine and wish-fulfilling ‘Kalpa Vriksha’. He gives contentment and peace of mind to his devotees.
    Nritya Ganapati
    Nrutya Ganapathi
  16. Lord Urdhwa Ganapathi: Lord Urdhwa Ganapathi remains an elevator and a behavior to his devotees. It is believed that his worship would provide refuge to them from all sins,sufferings and imprisonment.
    Urdhva Ganapati
    Urdhwa Ganapathi

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