Kurmanatha Swamy Temple – Srikurmam

The sacred and ancient abode of Sri Kurmanatha Swamy is situated in Srikurmam in Srikakulam District of Andhra Pradesh. It is the only Swayambhu Temple of Lord Vishnu worshipped in the form of Kurma Avatar (Tortoise) in the world.

Temple Legend: 

Legend says that during Lord Vishnu fulfilled the wish of Sweta Maharaj by self manifestation in the form of Kurma Avatar . SWETA PUSHKARINI (The Lake in front of the Temple) is formed by the Sudarshana Chakra. Sri Maha Lakshmi emanated from this lake and is called as Sri Kurma Naayaki in Varada Murdra Posture seated on Garuda Vahanam.

SriKurmam shrine is believed to be the “MOKSHA STHAANAM” and the Sweta Pushkarini has cleansing powers which can cleanse all your sins. Like in Varanasi , people perform the last rites of the deceased and drop the asthikaas in the lake. The prasadam of the Lord is said to possess mystic powers – after taking this prasadan, the celestial dancer ‘Tilotthama’ became devotional and renunciated desires, King Subhanga won the War, a devotee by name Vasu Deva got his Leprosy Cured.

Unlike many other temples , the deity here is facing West instead of East, hence there are 2 “DWAJA STAMBHAAS” (Flag Posts) in east and west directions. This temple is known for its distinguishing 108 Pillars where no single pillar is similar to the other pillars. The unique stones on the floor of the Pradakshina Mandapam are said to infuse magnetic energy into the devotees through their feet while walking on it. “KAASI DWARAM” – The under ground tunnel to Varanasi in the North Eastern Corner of the Pradakshina Mandapam is another magnificent piece of ancient engineering skills. The entry is closed now due to wild animals observed coming through the tunnel.

Srikurmam Temple Darshan Timings

  • 6:00 AM – 7:45 PM

Srikurmam Temple Map Location

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