Ekambareswarar Temple is located in Kanchi is one of the shiva temple in Tamil Nadu dedicated to the five natural elements called panchabhoothas. In Kanchi, Shiva is worshiped as a symbol of earth (prithvi). It is the largest temple in Kancheepuram.

Ekambareswarar – Temple Deity

The Shiva lingam in the temple is a swayambu. The lingam is adorned with white cloth decorated with gold lace and several rudraksha necklaces strung in gold. Always adorned with vilvam garlands. A large Nandi is there outside the temple and facing sanctum.

Temple Legend

It is believed the lingam in the sanctum is the one goddess Parvati as Kamakshi fashioned out of river sand on the banks of Vegavathy River and embraced tightly when the river rose in flood to protect it from being washed away. Touched by her devotion, Shiva appeared before her and married her beneath a mango tree. Eka means ‘one’ and Amra means ‘mango’. That is why Shiva goes by the name of Ekambareswarar here.

Ekambareswarar Temple Timings

  • Morning : 6 AM – 12.30 PM
  • Evening : 4 PM – 8.30 PM

How To Reach Ekambareswarar Temple In Kanchi

  • By Road: Temple is 2KMs from Kanchi Bus Stand. Frequent buses will be available from Tirupati or Chennai.
  • By Rail : Temple is at a walkable distance from Kancheepuram Railway Station
  • By Air : Chennai is the nearest airport which is at a distance of 61 KMs. Next nearest airport is Tirupati which is at a distance of 104 KMs.

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