Chengalamma Temple Sullurpeta


Chengalamma Temple or Chengalamma Parameshwari Temple is located in Sullurpeta town, Andhra Pradesh. It is located along the banks of Kalangi River. The temple is 79 km from Chennai and 97 km from Nellore. It is even near to Srihari Kota and Indian Space Research Organisation. The interesting part of the idol of Chengalamma Devi is that, the left hand portion of goddess depicts Parvati and the right hand portion depicts Saraswati.

It is said that this temple was established during 4th and 5th century. The Chengalamma Idol in the temple faces the sea. It is also said that, ISRO scientists visit Chengalamma for blessings before launching any satellite.

Story associated with Chengalamma Temple

It is said and believed that, 400 years back villagers tried to build door for the temple. At that point of time Goddess appeared in the villagers dream and instructed them that, she is here to give blessings to her devotees at all the time and she told them to leave the idea to build the doors.

After this part of the story there are two different conclusions told by the older people of the town – one is that the villages withdrew the idea and left the temple to remain open for 24 hours. The other conclusion is that, though the goddess instructed the villagers, they built the doors and the very next day everyone saw the doors becoming a tree in the temple complex and from then, there were no more trails of building the doors and the temple is open for 2 hours. The tree is also worshipped by the people and people have great believe in the tree as well.

Timings, Puja’s and Darshan Tickets

The temple is open for 24 hours on all the days

Abhishekam: Rs. 350 for two people – timing 8:00 am to 8:30 am

Saree donation ticket – Rs. 100

Poolangi Seva – Rs. 550

Laksha Kumkum Archana – Rs. 100

 Abhishekam Darshan – Rs. 20

Antaralaya Darshan – Rs. 100

Archana – Rs. 10

Two-wheeler vahana Pooja – Rs. 30

 Four-wheeler vahana Pooja – Rs. 50

Lorry, Bus vahana Pooja – Rs. 100

Pongali – Rs. 10

Vastralankarana – Rs. 10

Sri Chengalamma Parameshwari Kalyana Mandapam  – Rs. 17700

Marriage booking charges – Rs. 250 per couple


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