Ugadi – Telugu New Year

Ugadi New Hopes

Ugadi – New Hopes

Spring season is buzzing with new leaves, Sun rays sharpening up driving away the cold season, new buds on the plants, and the new crops that arrived just a few months back symbolize the commencement of the Telugu new year called ‘Ugadi’. Lord Brahma created this universe on this day.  Happiness, new resolutions, new hopes, and a brighter new era are symbolic in celebrating the commencement of the new year. The festive season, marriage season, and crop season commence after Ugadi.

Two notable celebrations on Ugadi-day are preparing the pachhadi (chutney) and listening to the Panchangam (calendar).

  • Ugadi pachhadi which is a mix of 6 Flavours. So is life expected to move in reality. Our elders advise that life is a mix of all these in various forms.
  1. sweet – Jaggary : joy or happiness
  2. sour – Tamarind : unpleasantness
  3. bitter – Neem flowers : sadness
  4. spicy – Mirchi / Black pepper : anger
  5. salty – Salt : fear
  6. astringent – Raw mango : surpise

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  • Panchangam has a special place in the lives of Hindus. It is the Hindu calendar and almanac. It contains five astronomical and  astrological daily details such as the Tithi, Nakshatram, Yoga, Karana, and Vara. It is a practice to listen to the readings from Panchangam to know how our future fares during the ensuing year.

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