Tirumala Ghat Road Timings and Rules


Tirumala ghat road is maintained by TTD . To ensure safety of the pilgrims , ghat road is operated only during specific timings every day. Ghat road length is 18 KMs which is under security surveillance.

Below are the timings during which vehicles will be allowed on Tirumala Ghat Road.

Vehicle TypeAllowed Timings
Two wheelers4 AM – 11 PM
Four wheelers / RTC Buses / Other Vehicles3 AM – 11:59 PM

Rules To be Followed on Tirumala Ghat Road:

  • Two Wheeler riders should wear helmet
  • Don’t Stop vehicles by the side of road apart from designated parking places
  • Avoid Overtaking during bends or curves
  • Specified seating capacity should be strictly followed.
  • Banned items  like non-veg, fireworks, alcohol , tobacco products , carrying weapons are not allowed to be carried in vehicles
  • Minimum travel time should not be less than 40 minutes. At the Ghat road entry point, every vehicle has to register their entry time.The travel time should be one hour or above. Otherwise, vehicles are not allowed into Tirumala.


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