How To Book Suprabatha Seva Tickets In Tirumala – Step By Step Guide


How To Book Suprabatha Seva Tickets In Tirumala

Suprabatha Seva is one of the most sought sevas in Tirumala by Pilgrims. Those who are looking for information on How To Book Suprabhata Seva Tickets In Tirumala, the below step-by-step procedure will help you to get a ticket for the most auspicious Suprabatha Seva. We request you to book the tickets in advance and have a memorable Darshan.

Suprabatha Seva Online Booking Procedure

  1. For online booking of suprabhata seva you need to Visit the URL – and login with your Indian Mobile Number and OTP.

suprabatham booking process step 1

2. Select Seva Electronic Dip Under Pilgrim Services

suprabatham booking process step 2

3. Agree for the instructions by selecting the check box and click Continue

suprabatham booking process step 3

4. Fill all the required details. You can register for 1 person or 2 persons as per your need by selecting  1 or 2 from the dropdown highlighted as below and click continue once all the required details are mentioned.

dip registration step 4

5. List of Sevas under Electronic Dip will be displayed like below. You can select for 1 seva or all the sevas. Click on ” Select Seva & Date ” Button.

dip registration step 5

6. You can register for dip for all the sevas by Selecting “Select All Seva(s)/Dates” Check box at the top or if you wish to visit for only suprabatham then you can select check box beside “Suprabatham” and Click “OK” Button.

dip registration step 6 - 1

For opting for only Suprabatham, select the Check box beside Suprabatham and click “Ok” Button.

dip registration step 6 - 2

7. Click the “Continue To Review” Button

dip registration step 7

8. Review the details and Click “Confirm & Submit” Button.

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( In My case I had selected for all sevas and all eligible dates so that there is a high probability of getting a seva ticket for any one seva).

dip registration step 8

9. Once the Registration is successful, you will get a pop up like below with Registration Number.

dip registration step 9

10. Lucky Dip Selection date will be published on that the selected pilgrims will get SMS and email to their registered mobile number and email address.

11. Once you are selected in the list you will be allowed to make your payment with in 3 days. Ensure that you make the payment.

For any info required on Suprabatha Seva, please leave your comments below. We will get back to you at the earliest.

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    • There is no easy way.

      Only 3 options for booking it.

      1. Online electronic lucky dip

      2. Offline Lucky dip

      3. High level recommendation so that you can get under discretionary quota.

    • Refer above process, we have given screenshot so that you can refer and register easily.
      Registrations will be generally open during 18-20th of every month. Quota will open 3 months in advance.

  1. Hello sir,
    From really long I wanted to send my parents for Suprabhatha seva. Finally, I found your article which is really informative. I wanted to know if I can book seva ticket for multiple dates at once? and how exactly we will know when is the portal gonna be open ?

    • Suprabhatham seva booking is currently under lucky dip only. You can register for lucky dip once the quota is open. As it’s not a direct booking, if you apply for all available dates in a month, then you will have a higher chance to get ticket for some day in a month. It’s not possible to get suprabhatham seva for multiple dates, once a pilgrim gets a seva ticket , he cannot get any other seva including suprabhatham for next six months. 6 months is the cooling period between each seva booking. Generally during 18th-20th dates , registration will be open. If you would like to get notified on WhatsApp, you can leave a message to our WhatsApp number 9110583839, we can notify for the upcoming release date.


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