Kaisika Dwadasi Asthanam At Tirumala

Kaisika Dwadasi Asthanam at Tirumala

Kaisika Dwadasi History

In the town of Thirukkurungudi, in Tirunelveli district, lived an ardent devotee by the name “Nampaaduvaan”. Though he was not allowed to enter the temple for his birth in a low sect, he always sang of the glories of the Lord standing outside the temple.

Thus, on one Kaisika Ekadashi day in Sukla Paksha of Karthika (November – December) he observed the fast, and by night had begun to travel to the temple, which was far away from his home so that the next day morning, he, as usual could stand outside the temple to sing about the glory of the Lord.

Enroute, he had to pass through a forest. Thus singing about the Lord, as he was walking through it, suddenly a Brahmarakshasa (demon) came and stopped him to feed on him. Nampaaduvaan, who was afraid, not for his life, but because he will not be able to complete his fast by singing in front of the Lord, pleaded to the Brahmarakshasa to let him go promising to him that he’ll definitely come back after singing in front of the Lord. But the Brahmarakshasa didn’t believe him.

Nampaaduvaan had to make eighteen promises to him for getting released. Hurriedly he went to the temple, completed his singing and was on his way back when, the Lord in order to test him, came in the form of a human, enquired him and tried to somehow dissuade him from going back to the Brahmarakshasa.

But Nampaaduvaan was adamant in his promise and went forward. An astonished Brahmarakshasa gave him an offer that, “if you would give me the fruits (essence) of his offerings that you had sung today, I’ll let you go”. But Nampaaduvaan said, “I would happily die than giving the essence to you”.

The Brahmarakshasa now started pleading to Nampaaduvaan that, “ in my previous birth, I was a Brahmin named ‘Soma Sarma’. While performing a yagna, as I had wrongly uttered the mantras, I was cursed to be a Brahmarakshasa”. He thus begged to Nampaaduvaan to give him the fruit of at least one pann(raga) sung by him.

Compassionate Nampaaduvaan said, “ I had sung a raga named ‘Kaisika’. I give its fruits to you”. Immediately, the Brahmarakshasa was liberated and reached heaven.

Lord Varaha said to Bhoomi piratti that, “Like Nampaaduvaan, whoever reads or listens to ‘Kaisika Mahaathyam’ on Dwadasi day in the month of Karthika, will be liberated and will also get the power to save the people who seek his refuge”.

Kaisika Dwadasi celebration in Tirumala

In Tirumala temple, Kaisika Dwadasi festival is celebrated grandly. Kaisika Purana is recited. Also, Lord Ugra Srinivasamurthy (one among the Panchaberams – five forms of the Lord) along with His Consorts will be taken in procession around 4 Mada streets in the wee hours (4:30 AM to 5:30 AM) and will be brought back inside the temple before sunrise on this special day. Later Kaisika Dwadasi Asthanam with Purana parayanam will be performed inside the temple from 5:30 AM to 7 AM.

Only on Kaisika Dwadasi day, Sri Ugra Srinivasa murthy is taken out from the temple in a procession.


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