Story Of Vedavathi Devi


Story Of Vedavathi 

Vedavathi is speculated to have already been the spirit of Sita Devi, the wife of Lord Rama in the epic Ramayana. She was another avatar of Devi Laxmi.

Vedavati is the girl of Brahmarishi Kusadhvaja, who’s the child of Brihaspati, Lord-Guru of the Devas, the Gods. Having spent his existence chanting and learning the sacred Vedas, he titles his daughter Vedavati, or Embodiment of the Vedas, born as the fruit of his bhakti and tapasya.

Her dad wants his kid to have Lord Vishnu while her husband. He therefore rejects many effective kings and celestial beings who sought his daughter’s hands. Outraged by his rejection, King Sambhu murders her parents in the center of a moonless night.

She was raised as a lady with the only real desire and purpose to marry Vishnu. 1 day a tone of voice echoed in sky and announced to Vedavathi that she’ll attain her objective of marrying Shri Vishnu in his following avatar.

One day, a robust demon was travelling previous in his airborne vehicle, the Pushpak. He noticed this gorgeous maiden absorbed in meditation. Simultaneously, he brought his automobile to a halt and resolved her, “My reasonable lady, what is a youthful girl as if you doing right here meditating? Include me and become my queen. I will provide you with all of the riches of the globe!” Vedavathi didn’t listen to him, therefore the demon got angry and attempted to draw her by the hair.

Vedavati became angry and sheared off her locks with her hands! She stated, “O you evil demon! You possess disturbed me and produced me impure by your contact! I curse you that in my own later birth, I am the cause of your death!” She announced this and jumped right into a bonfire. The demon was non-e apart from the evil and awful ruler of Lanka, Ravana! Goddess Lakshmi, indeed, ultimately became the reason for his loss of life. When she was created as Sita, Ravana kidnapped her and Lord Rama adopted him to Lanka and killed him.

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There exists a belief that Sri Pathmavathi Devi is in fact Vedavati in Thretayug and by the term distributed by Sri Rama, she actually is born mainly because Padmavathi in Kaliyuga and married to Lord Venkateswara. Additionally it is thought that Goddess Lakshmi is usually Padmavathi Devi as she in Padmam, the lotus flower after via Vaikunta and gets known as Padmavathi.


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