Sri Venkateswara Sarvasreyas Trust

Sri Venkateswara Sarvasreyas Trust1

Sri Venkateswara Sarvasreyas Trust

TTD established Sri Venkateswara Bala Mandir in the year 1943 to take care of orphaned children. It was later renamed as Sri Venkateswara Sarvasreyas Trust, which provides shelter to boys and girls who have no parents or those with parents who are not able to bring them up due to financial constraints. Such children are admitted in this school and free education provided to make them bright and responsible citizens.

TTD has created a separate Trust for improving this institution with following object.

  • To run an Orphanage for orphans, destitute and disadvantaged children of both sexes;
  • To provide free accommodation and boarding to orphans, destitutes and disadvantaged children and
  • To provide free education to these children upto post graduation and professional courses like MBBS and Engineering.

Tax exemption is provided to the donors under Section 80(G).

Donation Amount to Sri Venkateswara Sarvasreyas Trust

The minimum contribution for the scheme is Rs. 1,000/- Donation amount sent below Rs.1000/- will be credited to the account of Srivari Hundi without any intimation to the Donor.
All donations are deposited in a Nationalised Bank, and the interest earned is utilized for the scheme.

Cheque / Demand Draft:

Donations can be made by way of cheque/demand draft on any Scheduled Bank drawn in favour of the

The Executive Officer,
Sri Venkateswara Sarvasreyas Trust,
TTD, Tirupati and can be sent to the
Additional Financial Advisor & Chief Accounts Officer( Addl. FA & CAO),

Online Payment:

Donate Through Mobile App:

Now you can make donations easily through “Govinda Tirupati Tirumala” App.

Get it on Google Play

Donation Benefits:

Donors donating Rs. 1lakh and above are requested to send two copies of self Photograph, furnish date od birth of Donor and Particulars of family members(4 persons), such as name, relationship and age, for issuing Donor pass Books to avail priviliges as per below.

Privileges Rs. 1-999 Rs. 1,000 – 99,999 Rs. 1 Lakh – 5 Lakhs Rs. 5 Lakhs – 10 Lakhs Rs. 10 Lakhs – 1 Crore Rs. 1 Crore And Above
Seva 3 Days Suprabatha Seva
(For 5 Persons)
Darshan 1 Day Darshan
(Through Supatham For 5 Persons)
3 Days Darshan
(Through Supatham For 5 Persons)
3 Days L2 VIP Break Darshan
(For 5 Persons)
3 Days L1 VIP Break Darshan
(For 5 Persons)
Accommodation 1 Day Accommodation
(Rs. 100 Tariff)
3 Days Accommodation
(Rs. 100 Tariff)
3 Days Accommodation
(Rs. 500 Tariff)
3 Days Accommodation
(Rs. 2500 Tariff)
Laddu Prasadam 6 Small Laddus 10 Small Laddus
5 Mahaprasadam
20 Small Laddus
10 Mahaprasadam
10 Big Laddus
10 Mahaprasadam
Vastra Bahumanam 1 Dupatta
1 Blouse Piece
1 Dupatta
1 Blouse Piece
1 Dupatta
1 Blouse Piece
1 Dupatta
1 Blouse Piece
Veda Asirvachanam 1 Day Veda Asirvachanam
One Time Bahnumanam 1 Gold Plated Silver Medallion 1 Gold Dollar (5 gms)
1 Gold Plated Silver Medallion
1 Gold Dollar (5 gms)
1 Gold Plated Silver Medallion
Acknowledgement Receipt YES YES YES YES YES YES
IT Deduction Certificate YES YES YES YES YES

For more information about donations, please contact :

Phone No. 91-0877-226 4570 
Phone No. 91-0877-2264258 at TTD Public Relations Office, Tirupati
Phone No. 91-0877-2277777 / 0877-2233333

Disclaimer: We are not related to TTD in any manner. We donot collect any donations on this page or in this site. We are providing this information for just awareness of Pilgrims. Any Donations has to be directly given to T.T.D.

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