Significance of Karthika maasa Vanabhojanam


Karthika maasa Vanabhojanam

After Diwali, we can observe the people taking holy bath in Rivers and Lakes in the  morning, lightening the lamps in front of their Houses, in Temples and also we can see the ladies lightening the lamps in Rivers and having Vana Bhojanam. These are all the rituals that should be done in Karthika Masam.

No Month is greater than Karthikamasa
No God is greater than Lord Vishnu
No Shastra is greater than Veda
No Thirtha is greater than Ganga

According to Shastras, this Karthikamasam is the favourite for Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. The rituals like Holy Baths, Sacrifices, Lightening Lamps, Vanabhojanam etc., will give immense results and will demolish all our sins which lead to Moksha.

Vanabhojanam gives immense pleasure and happiness to the people of all ages. But now-adays Vanabhojanam is becoming extinct in almost all the rural areas, small cities and also in the metropolitan cities. But somewhere, we can see this in the name of Picnics in some towns and cities. Vanabhojanam or Karthika Vanabhojanam is one of the main rituals to be performed during Karthika Masam. As per the Indian tradition, Trees are considered to be divine nature and worshipped as Gods. We are worshipping Tulasi, Vepa, Ravi, Bilva, Usiri etc. regularly. It is believed that during the Karthika Masam all Gods reside under trees. Especially Lord Sri Mahavishnu along with His Consort Sri Mahalakshmi reside under Usiri i.e., Amla tree.

It is a very good deed and a Social ritual to go for Vanabhojanam in Karthikamasam. Everyone should gather at one garden, cooking there, spending the time with family and friends happily by playing, singing and having lunch there is a good aspect. We need to select the garden with different species of trees and should have lunch under Usirika Vruksham i.e., Amla Tree. It is good to keep idol of God and pray before having lunch as per our Shastras. As per our Puranas, praying Amla Tree, Bilva, Ravi etc. and by decorating with Turmeric and Vermilion will give many good results in Karthikamasam. Recite the following Naamas while praying:

Shree Dhatreya namaha
Shree Kantheya namaha
Shree Mahalakshmeya namaha
Shree Indiraya namaha
Shree Kamaneeya namaha
Shree Gayathreya namaha
Shree Vishwaroopaya namaha
Shree Shantheya namaha
Shree Prakruthya namaha
Shree Ramaaya namaha
Shree Lokamaatreya namaha
Shree Saavitreya namaha
Shree Sudhatreya namaha
Shree Suroopaya namaha 
Shree Medhaya namaha
Shree Vishnuathaya namaha
Shree Kamalaya namaha
Shree Jagadhathreya namaha
Shree Avyakthaaya namaha
Shree Abdhibhavaaya namaha

Keep the idol of Lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva under Amla Tree and Chant these 20 slokas. Next, chant the below Sloka 9 times and do 9 pradakshanas around the Amla Tree.

Dhathridevi namasthubhyam sarvapaapakshayam kari!
Puthraan dhehi mahaapraagney yasodhehi balamchamey!!
Pragnaam medhaancha sowbhagyam vishnubhakthincha syaswathitham!
Neerogam kurumaam nithyam nishtaapam kuru sarwadaa!!

Scientific Values

Our Puranas say, People who perform pooja like this will get the results same as who perform Ashwamedhayagam. After that, we should start Vanabhojanam that too in Jack Fruit Leaf. In addition to Social equaity, people having Vanabhojanas in this way will have many Health benefits. Amla takes first place in Ayurveda. Many researchers confirmed that Vitamin C is more in Amla when compared to others. It is also used to prepare medicines for Bleeding and Dysentery in Ayurveda. It will help in Acidity prevention and Chyavanprash preparation. Ayurveda Doctors say eating small quantity of Amla pickle with rice daily gives good results. Many people also light the lamps on Amla fruit in the Temples during Karthikamasam.

Doing Vanabhojanas like this gives Spiritual Happiness, Social Equality and Inner Peace and paves the way for social equality.


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