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current booking counters

TTD – Current Booking Counters

Covid Update: Due to Covid-19 pandemic, the offline counter located in srinivasam complex is temporarily closed. Please plan the book the tickets online in advance at –

The below information is outdated due to Covid Situation.

You missed to book your darshan ticket online?? Or Online Quota is already sold out??  Don’t worry, TTD is providing Rs.300 Special Entry Darshan Tickets under Current Booking Quota as well. Those who are not able to get ticket under online quota can visit Srinivasam Complex  which is opposite to Tirupati Bus Stand and get the ticket for the same day. Below are the quota details under Current Booking Counters for each Day. Counter operates from 8 AM – 5 PM Every day or till below quota of tickets are sold out. Note that pilgrims will be waiting from 5 or 6 AM itself to get the tickets.

Day Quota For The Day
Monday 500
Tuesday 500
Wednesday 500
Thursday 500
Friday 500
Saturday 500
Sunday 500

Please feel free to drop a comment below if you need any information. We will address your queries at the earliest.

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  1. hi My cousin brother wants to visit tirumala this saturday, he couldnot get online tickets of Rs.300 he will be reaching tirupati on friday morning can he able to get 300 tickets in tirupathi, where will be 300 tickets counters are located in tirupathi can you please let me know..

  2. Hi Sir,

    I am planning to get 300Rs special darshan in current booking counter for same day. I have a aged person and a child below 10years. Should all of them stand in a queue or will it sufficient if i stand and take tickets

    • Current Booking of Rs. 300 tickets is not available now. It needs to be booked online only.
      You can take Timeslot Sarva Darshan Ticket in the current booking counter in Vishnu Nivasam Complex. Its a free ticket. Everyone has to stand in queue as they will take fingerprint and photo to issue ticket.

      Ticket is not required for kids below 12 years.

    • No Special quota for pilgrims going by walk now . You need to take Timeslot Sarva darshan ticket at vishnu nivasam complex or bhudevi complex.


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