Narapura Venkateswara Temple – Kadapa

Narapura Venkateswara Temple

Narapura Venkateswara Temple

Lord Venkateswara Swami is stationed in the holy shrine of Tirumala with royal grandeur. Devotees throng this temple from worldwide to possess a glimpse of the Lord to get His blessings. The Lord is usually also manifested in various places to be easy to get at to the devotees with a look at to fulfilling their wishes. For example, He’s within the reach of devotees in the mountain ranges with different names-as Lord of Palakonda in Palakonda, as Lakshmi Venkateswara Swami in Kadapa and as Narapuram Venkateswara Swami near Jammalamadugu to become adored by everyone. This temple is located in Kadapa District of Andhra Pradesh.


There is Penna river close to Jammalamadugu in Kadapa district. To the east of the river may be the well-known Narapuram Venkateswara Swami temple. Lord Venkateswara can be manifested within the Sanctum Sanctorum amidst huge premises surrounded by large courtyards (Prakaras), easy of usage of the people like gold linked with the hem of saree.


Brahmotsavas are getting held in this shrine each year from the eleventh day of bright lunar forthnight to the sixth day time of dark lunar forthnight in Vaishakha month. Wedding ceremony (Kalyanotsavam) is being held in the series on the next day and Car event (Rathotsavam) on the 3rd time of dark lunar fortnight as a feast to the eye of devotees. Devotees participate in these Brahmotsavas not merely from the vicinity of Jammalamadugu but also from additional districts.

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In the Temple Premises

The TTD constructed Sri Padmavathi Relationship Hall (Kalyanamandapam) in the temple. The hall is certainly always bustling with religious and cultural actions, marriages and poets’ meets. There will be the idols of Garuda and Hanuman reverse to god, the father in the premises of the temple.

Rathasapthami, Vaikunta Ekadasi and other festivals are also conducted in the temple aside from the Brahmotsavas. Devotees flock the temple during this time period on a big scale.

Narapura Venkateswara Temple History

The temple comes with an interesting history of construction and its own aftermath. Prouda Devaraya is among the rulers of Vijayanagara kingdom owned by Sangama dynasty. His child Vijayadevaraya ruled Udayagiri area of Vijayanagara kingdom. Jammalamadugu area was under Udayagiri rulers in those days. Narayanamma, wife of Vijayadevaraya, toured this place alongwith her spouse. In those days she experienced inclined to create a village and a temple as of this place.

Therefore, she got constructed a village in her name. It was known as ‘Narayanapuram’ in her name. She got a temple of Lord Venkateswara constructed there. It was referred to as Narayanapuram Venkateswara temple. Steadily, Narayanapuram became Narapuram in the utilization of individuals and Lord Venkateswara manifested in this temple had become known as ‘Narapuram Venkateswara Swami’.

The royal family established an agraharam there with twelve brahmin families. It had been referred to as Narayanapuram Agraharam. In span of period, the agraharam was washed aside in the Penna river floods. The temple was also ravaged because of the floods, and was refurbished over and over. The villagers, nevertheless, continued to carry out the utsavas repeatedly. The worship and utsavas were executed in this temple relating to Pancharatra Agama. This practice is normally in fashion even today.

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Following the fall of Gandikota as a result of Muslim Army Chief Mir Jumla, this region came beneath the control of Golconda Muslims. Akkanna and Maadanna had been ministers under Tanisha of Golconda then. Podili Lingappa utilized to look after the southern area affairs under their guidance. Kanchanapalle Rango Raghunatha was in charge of Jambulamadugu Province. He got the dilapidated temple reconstructed and kept Car (Ratha) festival because they build a fresh Car in 1682.

Around 1709 Advertisement, Akunuru Narasanna who was simply responsible for Jammalamadugu village got the courtyard substance (Prakara) built around the temple of Narapura Venkateswara Swamy. He got the metallic idols prepared and conducted utsavas like the Car festival. Regardless of the Muslim guideline in this area, the after that government rulers didn’t object to Hindu spiritual activities.

All the people check out Lord Venkateswara of the temple and take part in the utsavas regardless of their caste and religious beliefs. They draw the Chariot in the automobile festival.

The management obligations of the temple were transferred from the A.P. Endowments Division to TTD with impact from 23rd October 2008. Since that time, the temple offers been making an instant progress daily bustling with an increase of and even more of devotees.

How To Reach Narapura Venkateswara Temple

  • By Air : Kadapa & Tirupati are the nearest Airports.
  • By Bus : Frequent Buses will be available from Kadapa to Jammalamadugu. It takes 15 Minutes from Jammalamadugu to reach this temple
  • By Train : Jammalamadugu is the nearest railway station.

Narapura Venkateswara Temple Contact Number

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086869 19188cleardot


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