Kapali Tank and Punnai Tree At Kapaleeswarar Temple

Punnai Tree

Kapali tank

Kapali tank is a part of the temple. The temple gopuram twinkles in multi coloured varnish directly behind the theppakulam (tank). A boat event is kept in the second fifty percent of January, when the deities from the temple are taken by boat to the tiny mandapam in the center of the temple container and worshipped there. Devotees are permitted to table the boat to be a part of the worship.

Punnai tree

Near the cowshed, beneath the Punnai tree, Parvati is depicted as a peacock worshipping a Shiva lingam. This relates to the primary legend behind the temple. This is called as wish-fulfilling tree and the deity can be thus referred to as goddess Karpagambal of Mylapore.

Kapaleeswarar Temple Festival

The annual Brahmotsavam occurs in the Tamil month of Panguni (Mar-Apr). It’s a dazzling 12-day celebration when the majority of Mylapore is shut to vehicular visitors and the mada streets throng with devotees, makeshift shops and eateries. Every night Kapaleeswarar and Karpagambal, decked in good clothing and jewels, are used a procession straight down the roads on different mounts, an equine one night, bull another, swan on another and elephant on another. On the seventh day time, the deities are used on a procession in the large temple car.

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