Tirumala Free Darshan Pass : Queue Details and Guidelines

Tirumala Sarva Darshan Tokens Details Queue line timings

Tirumala Free Darshan Pass Details

Visiting the sacred Tirupati temple is a dream for many devotees. The temple offers a free darshan facility, allowing devotees to seek blessings without incurring any cost. Understanding the process of securing tickets, the time it takes, and where to enter the queue can help ensure a smooth and divine experience.

How to Get Free Darshan Tickets

To avail the free darshan, devotees can take Time Slot Sarva Darshan Tokens (SSD Tokens) to reduce waiting time in queue lines.

  • You can get SSD token only once in a Month.

Tirumala Free Darshan Pass Counter Locations

There are 3 Offline Counters in Tirupati In which Sarva Darshan Tickets will be issued. Below are the location details:

1. Srinivasam complex, opposite to tirupati central busstand.

2. Vishnu Nivasam, Opp. Tirupati Railway station

3. Bhudevi complex, Beside Alipiri Busstand.

Counter is not available in Tirumala. You have to compulsorily take Ticket in Tirupati only.

Tirupati Free Darshan Pass Counter Timings

Counters will be opened at 2 AM or 3 AM depending on rush. Sometimes pilgrims would be waiting from 12 AM as well. 

  • You need to take Tirumala Free darshan pass in person on arrival.
  • Others cannot take your tickets.
  • Even if you are a family, everyone has to stand in queue line and take ticket.
  • Photo will be taken while issuing ticket, same person only will be allowed in Tirumala for darshan.
  • Daily 15000 – 2000 tickets are being issued to pilgrims. 

Documents Required For Tirumala Free Darshan Pass

To get Time Slot Sarva Darshan token, Aadhar card is compulsory.

Other documents like voterid, pancard, etc are not allowed.

Estimated Time for Free Darshan

The time it takes for a free darshan at Tirupati can vary significantly based on the day, time, and season of your visit.

On an average, it may take anywhere from 5 to 10 hours. During festival seasons and weekends, the waiting time can extend even further. It’s recommended to plan your visit during weekdays or off-peak hours to reduce waiting time.

Free Darshan Queue Line

After securing your ticket, you need to join the queue at the designated entry points. Follow the signage and instructions provided by the temple staff to ensure you are in the correct line. The queue system is well-organized, with facilities such as resting areas, drinking water, and washrooms available along the way.

By understanding the process of obtaining free darshan tickets, estimating the waiting time, and knowing where to enter the queue, you can enhance your pilgrimage experience to Tirupati. Planning ahead and staying informed can go a long way in ensuring a serene and spiritually fulfilling visit.

Tirupati Free Darshan Token Counters Map Location

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