Karvetinagaram Sri Venugopala Swamy Brahmotsavams – 2024

sri venugopala swamy

Sri Venugopala Swamy Brahmotsavams – 2024

The annual Brahmotsavam of Karvetinagaram Sri Venugopala swamy is scheduled from May 29 to June 6 with Koil Alwar Tirumanjanam on May 21 and Ankurarpanam on May 28.

Schedule for Brahmotsavams of Sri Rukmini Satyabhama Sameta Sri Venugopalaswamy

Date Day Morning Evening
(7:30 AM to 9:30 AM) (7 PM to 9 PM)
29-05-2024 Wednesday Dhwajaarohanam  Pedda Shesha Vahanam
30-05-2024 Thursday Chinna Shesha Vahanam Hamsa Vahanam
31-05-2024 Friday Simha Vahanam Mutyapu Pandiri
01-06-2024 Saturday Kalpa Vriksha Vahanam Sarva Bhupala Vahanam
02-06-2024 Sunday Mohini Avataram Garuda Seva
03-06-2024 Monday Hanumad Vahanam Gaja Vahanam
04-06-2024 Tuesday Suryaprabha Vahanam Chandraprabha Vahanam
05-06-2024 Wednesday Rathotsavam Ashwa Vahanam
06-06-2024 Thursday Chakra Snanam Dhwajaavarohanam
Pushpa yagam will be performed on June 7 from 1.30 pm to 3.30.
By paying Rs.750/- householders can participate in Kalyanotsavam on May 1.
During Brahmotsavams, devotional music, cultural programs, bhajans and kolatams will be organized daily under the auspices of TTD Hindu Dharmaprachara Parishad and Annamacharya projects.
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