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PANDHARPUR – This is a holy place of Shri.Vitthal and Shri.Rukmini. It is also called as Southern Kashi.

The ancient temple of Vitthal was renovated in 1195 A.D. There are many other temples of Indian Dieties and Mathas (Dharmshalas) of many Saints. The Chandrabhaga (Bhima) river flows through the City. Large number of devotees from all over Maharashtra and surrounding States gather at Pandharpur mainly to celebrate the Aashada and Karthika Ekadashi’s every year in addition to the regular rush of devotees everyday.

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The Palaki of various Saints originating from various locations gather at Wakhari, 5 kms. from Pandharpur for the Waari festival. The various daily rituals like Kakda Aarati, Mahapooja, Mahanaivedhya, Poshakh, Dhooparati, Padyapooja, Shejarti etc are performed in the main temple of Lord.Vitthal. The following are the temples inside the main temple as one enters from Namdev Payari and come out of Pachhim Dwar of the temple.

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