Rahu Ketu Puja – Details and Timings


Rahu Ketu Pooja is the famous ritual observed at Sri Kalahasthi. Pooja is performed only during Rahu kaalam. So , one must plan accordingly to attend the pooja.

Sri Kalahasthi temple will be crowded during the Pooja time as pilgrims will come from different parts of the world to perform the ritual.


Rahu Ketu Pooja is performed to nullify the effect of Rahu Dosha, Ketu Dosha,  Sarpa Dosha, Kala Sarpa Dosha, Naga Dosha.

Rahu Ketu Pooja is ideal remedy for those who are facing problems in getting married, conceiving children, family issues and health issues.

Those who are facing issues with Job, career and education are also advised to get this Pooja done to nullify any effects.

Good results are observed if you do the Puja twice in a year, once during Dakshinayanam and once during Uttarayanam


Rahu Ketu Puja is performed through out the day but it is suggested to do it  during Rahu kalam of the day.

Day Rahu kalam Time
Monday 7:30 AM  – 9:00 AM
Tuesday 3:00 PM   –  4:30 PM
Wednesday 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM
Thursday 1:30 PM   –  3:00 PM
Friday 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM   – 10:30 AM
Sunday 4:30 PM   – 6 PM


Rahu Ketu Pooja is performed in temple at various places. Price of the ticket varies on the location at which the pooja is performed. Below are the different prices of the tickets. Pooja procedure is common for all types of tickets.

Pooja Name Ticket Price Pooja Location
Rahu Ketu Pooja Rs. 300 Performed in a hall outside the temple – Sri Krishandevaraya Mandapam
Special Kala Sarpa Nivarana Pooja Rs. 750 Performed near the main temple premises in a A/C hall which has Siva Sannidhi inside – Gnanambika Mandapam
Rahu Ketu Kala Sarpa Nivarana Pooja with Aseervachanam Rs. 1500 Performed inside the temple premises – Addala Mandapam
Rahu Ketu Kala Sarpa Nivarana Pooja with Special Aseervachanam Rs. 2500 VIP Ticket – Performed inside the temple premises – Kalyanotsavam mantap
  • 1+1 Adult and a kid is allowed with each ticket.
  • Ticket price includes the pooja saamaghri (items) as well. Devotees no need to purchase any pooja items for this purpose.
  • Devasthanam will give Prasadam and Vastra Bahumanam after the Pooja.

Pooja Samagri:

Pooja Samagri will be provided along with the ticket. Devotees no need to purchase it separately.

  • Two Metal idols of Rahu and Ketu
  • Laddu – Vada Prasadam
  • Flowers
  • Sindoor and Haldi


  • Take Head bath before performing the Pooja.
  • Consult any astrologer to get the suggestion on when to perform the pooja according to your Janma Nakshatram.


  • Don’t apply oil to your head.
  • Pregnant women shouldn’t perform the Pooja.
  • Don’t visit any of your friends or relatives houses after this pooja is performed. Go directly to your home.



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